Whiskey Stone For Decanter Set

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Cool Whiskey Stone:

The Whiskey stones will lower your drinks temperature by at least 15-20 degrees.

Drink Cooler, Stay Warmer:

The whiskey stones are actually well designed cubes which have smooth edge corners to conquer all your guests heart. It will cool your drink but warm you up inside for an intimate chat.

Velvet stone Bag:

A velvet bag of whiskey stones will be included in your decanter set with glasses if you agree to buy cooler whiskey stones.

What are whiskey stones?

They are cube shaped pieces which can be varied such as soapstone, stainless steel or granite. They are so useful to make the drinking experience chill and cool.

How do whiskey stones work?

The principle of whiskey stones is to absorb and retain the cold. When it’s added to any drink, the temperature of the beverage reduces without melting.

Are whiskey stones reusable?

They are surely reusable. They’re needed to be freezes until they’re needed again. You can use it with peace in mind without losing effectiveness.

How many whiskey stones come in a set?

A set of 6 whiskey stones with a velvet bag.

Can whiskey stones alter the taste of a drink?

They’re not work for the changing taste. They only work to reduce the temperature of beverages.