Dog Tags

No need to worry about losing your furry friend when you have a dog tag with an air tag. Safety is the top priority as always; our dog tags with adjustable pet collars are preventing choking. Whether you look for a simple and functional pet collar with a dog tag or meticulously designed personalization features, Giftshire is the only address where you can find the newest trendy dog tags.
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What is the purpose of dog tags for pets?

Dog tags are typically known as an identification that provides a brief information about the pet’s name and the owner’s contact details; phone number and home address in case the pet gets lost. If a pet gets lost, having a dog tag would help to reunite the pet safely with their owner. If the pet has a medical condition or special needs, some pet owners may choose to add additional information on dog tags. Additionally in many countries and according to legal requirements, pet owners should have an identification tag for their dog as a legal requirement.

What are top dog tags I can purchase between $5 and $20?

New trend engraved dog tags for pets are available at Giftshire with 50% discount as applied to every new product. Here are the best seller dog tags to buy for $5 to $20:

  • Air tag collar for dogs: It is made of high quality silicone and it works completely silently. Thanks to the high quality laser technology, the engraving will never fade. Dog tag with air tag is now on sale at $13 USD with 50% discounts.
  • Stainless steel name tag for pets: Those metal dog tags can be personalized in different collars and font styles. The lowest price you can find for metal dog tags are $7 USD at Giftshire with %50 discounts.
  • Dog collars with name: Save %50 of your money because adjustable dog collars with reflected stitches are $13 at Giftshire where the durable products are sold.

What are common mistakes when choosing a dog tag for pets?

  • Huge and heavy tags may be annoying for your pet.
  • Check for customer reviews with previous purchases for dog tags.
  • Make sure the engraving is deeply and clearly done.
  • It would be good to have a microchipped pet tag to identify your pet’s location if the pet gets lost.
  • Be sure the dog tag is properly attached to the pet collar.

What to consider before purchasing a dog tag?

Think about what you need and what is so important.
If it’s the visibility that's so important for you, you can choose a pet collar with reflective stitches with a bright color. Dog tag size and shape is also one of the important factors to consider. The size of a dog tag could overshadow the visibility according to the size of your dog. A charming dog tag shape would increase the visibility too. As a pet owner, you should also ensure that the dog tag should have a clear and deep engraving of your pet’s information.

Where can I purchase personalized dog tags?

Giftshire is an uncommon online marketplace selling dog tags and pet collars with air tag and silent tag.

What do people commonly write on dog tags?

The information of what people generally intended to write on dog tags are as follows:

  • A name of the pet: It helps to ask for the person who finds the pet to make certain of handing it to the rightful owner.
  • Owner’s phone number: It's critical information to find the pet’s owner and contact for the safe return.
  • Address: Including address would be helpful if someone finds the pet far from home and the finder can’t reach your phone.
  • Microchip ID: If your pet is microchipped, including the microchip id number on the dog tag would be helpful to quickly identify.
  • If the pet has a medical condition that requires special needs or medication, it would be taken into consideration with essentially to prioritize this critical information on the pet tag.

What are character limitations on personalized dog tags?

The information you'd like to write on dog tags has no limitation. You should consider how much detail you’d like it to be engraved. Some of our dog tags are one-sided and available to customize four lines while some are double-sided and available for four lines customization for each side. Prioritize required information and complete your purchase.

Are there any extra costs for personalization?

No extra cost for personalization! At Giftshire, you’ll only be charged for the products itself and the price may change according to size options. The personalization is free.

How much discount is offered for dog tags?

At Giftshire once you’ve decided to purchase or order, a %50 discount is guaranteed. Once you have a membership joining the Giftshire, you’ll get first-time customer discounts and will be informed for future discounts.

How durable is the engraving on dog tag?

Dog tags materials are made from stainless steel and silicone which are free to choose for our customers. Both materials are durable and trustable because of the deep engraving method.

Why do engravings fade in time?

Sunlight and UV radiation may cause fading or discoloration of engravings in the long term unless the materials are UV resistant as well.

How to attach an air tag to the pet collar?

There is an air tag holder that you can simply insert the air tag into the holder.

What colors are offered for ID tags for dogs?

  • Black ID tag for dogs
  • Blue ID tag for dogs
  • Gray ID tag for dogs
  • Green ID tag for dogs
  • Orange ID tag for dogs
  • Pink ID tag for dogs
  • Purple ID tag for dogs
  • Red ID tag for dogs
  • Teal ID tag for dogs

What colors are offered for Air Tags for dogs?

  • Blue Air Tags for Dogs
  • Purple Air Tags for Dogs
  • Pink Air Tags for Dogs
  • Red Air Tags for Dogs
  • Gray Air Tags for Dogs

What are the colors for stainless steel dog tags?

  • Silver metal dog tags
  • Gold metal dog tags
  • Rose gold metal dog tags
  • Black metal dog tags

Can dog tags be made in multiple colors?

Of course, there are multiple color dog tag designs at Giftshire.

Is air tag included in dog tags?

The air tag itself is not included. There is only a holder for air tag.

How air tag works?

Air tags are designed to have a small tracking device to help pet owners to locate their lost pet. Air tags contain electronic components such as bluetooth chips and batteries. They all work together to be able to track the air tag itself.

What shapes are offered to purchase for dog tags?

  • Rectangular dog tag with pet collar
  • Hexagon dog tag with pet collar
  • Heart dog tag with pet collar
  • Round dog tag with pet collar
  • Bone dog tag with pet collar

What personalization options are available for dog tags?

Our customers are allowed to choose the material of the dog tag. Moreover there are a lot of font and icon options to adorn personalization style. Additionally you can choose the engraving side options whether it’s one-sided or double-sided.

What engraved icons are there for dog tags?

  • Bow etched dog tag
  • Heart etched dog tag
  • Crown etched dog tag
  • Heart paw etched dog tag
  • Bone etched dog tag
  • Paw etched dog tag
  • Cute puppy etched dog tag
  • Paw heart etched dog tag
  • Dog bone etched dog tag
  • Woof woof etched dog tag
  • Bone lover etched dog tag
  • Bow tie etched dog tag
  • Bone love etched dog tag
  • Paw mountain etched dog tag
  • Paw bone etched dog tag
  • Dog paw etched dog tag

Can I request double-side engraving?

Yes, you can request double-sided engraving for the available designs.

How reflective stitches work on a dog collar?

Reflective stitches reflect light and make the collar more visible in low-light conditions which are  made of striped lines or along patterns wrapped in the collar’s surface.

What sizes are available for pet collars?

  • X Small: 5/8 inches x 8-12 inches.
  • Small: 3/4 inches x 10-16 inches.
  • Medium: 1 inches x 14-20 inches.
  • Large: 1 inches x 16-24 inches.

What buckle collars are safe for dogs?

The most comfortable and safe dog tags are adjustable ones. They provide a secure fit and are not too tight to cause discomfort.