Champagne Flutes

Have you ever heard the clink of two crystal-clear champagne glasses, resonating with the toasts and celebrations. Whether it’s a wedding day, birthday celebration, anniversary or valentine’s day, having a champagne flute set will be the most cheerful cheers to your future memories thanks to the personalized champagne flute which is the world’s most famous shaped glass. There is something you should also know about our custom champagne glasses which is that they are crafted in a set of 2 with laser engravings. Meet out our Personalized wedding champagne flute design options with custom engraved initials, Bride and Groom, Mr and Mrs and so. When you pour it into your laser engraved champagne glass, Sparkling bubbles come out to be a showcase. Change your perspective and the way you’re engaging with your drink.
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What makes a champagne flute so special from others? 

If there is one reason why our wedding champagne glasses are designed the way they are. The shape is so narrow that the bubbles easily rise on top and sparkle. Narrow shape allows the bubbles to ascend slowly. 

What is the best champagne glass for sparkling wine? 

If you pour sparkling wine in a very narrow glass, they’ll travel upwards and keep the glass full of sparkles. The less surface to air ratio, the more bubbles show off. 
There is one fact in the world about a champagne flute which is the world’s famous shaped glass and a perfect choice for celebrations, anniversaries and weddings. 

What color options are available for a custom champagne flute? 

There are two color engraving options available for the mesmerizing appearance you can put on your toasting flutes. First one is white engraved champagne glass, the other one is a gold engraved champagne flute. 

Are champagne flutes durable for dishwashers? 

These sets of two etched champagne flutes with laser engraved lasts for years and are durable for everyday use and dishwasher safe.  

Which champagne glass works best? 

It depends how you would like to experience the personal preference of your drink. Champagne glasses with large shaped surfaces, like coupes, provide a wider area to allow experiencing all the flavors, while narrow-shaped champagne glasses, like flutes, are crafted to maintain the sparkle of the bubbles and focus on the aroma of the wine. 

What is the size of a Champagne Flute? 

Our wedding champagne flutes stand at 8 inches in height(20cm) with a bottom diameter of 2 /8 inches(5.3cm) and a top diameter of 2 inches(5.08cm) which is the capacity 6.25 oz.