Allow us to embark you on a cloud of comfort and heartfelt creativity. In your dream, where memories pass away and imaginations come into sight, your cherished moments with your loved ones lie on what we hold. Meet our personalized pillows which are transforming simple pillows into a meticulous keepsake. Whether it’s a gift for your loved one for a specific occasion such as birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a gift for him or a gift for her or a treat for yourself, our custom pillows are the holders of meaningful moments. Welcome to the giftland of soft touches and beautiful keepsakes; scroll down to explore Giftshire’s custom pillows.
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What size and shape options are available for the personalized pillow?

Pillowcases come in two different size and shape options:

  • 20X30 canvas and custom pillow sizes are available options with square and heart shaped custom options.
  • 16X16 pillow size is Giftshire’s standard size pillow case which includes adjustable square and heart shape order options.

Can I see how my photo will look on the pillow before placing my order?

After you accomplish your personalization process, it would be enough to leave a message for proof or preview. Before the production process, your order’s preview will be sent to you. This preview will set the stage; our experts will add the finishing touches.

Can I include a custom message or text with the photo on the pillow?

At Giftshire, you can customize your pillow case however you want it to be. There is no restriction on customizing pillow cases.

Are there any discounts available for purchasing multiple pillows as gifts?

On special occasions during a month, you are free to take advantage of discounted products. Discount options vary your shopping experience; adding multiple products on cart will provide you a certain amount of discount. Your second or next orders will provide more discount or permanent discount credit for later use.

What is your return or exchange policy if the recipient is not satisfied with the pillow?

You can check out Giftshire’s return and refund policy which is located at the bottom of the page.

Can I order multiple pillows with different photos in a single transaction?

If it’s what you need to have, we have no limits as a Giftshire. The point is not what our limit is, the point is what your imagination tells you. We can make it.

Is the pillow insert included in the pillowcase with the photo?

You can additionally add your cart as an insert for your pillowcase. If you’re choosing only a pillowcase, then beware what size you buy. Considering the size you have, you may want to purchase somewhere else but our pillow case and insert surely fit into perfectly.

What kind of photo should I choose to print on a custom photo pillow for my girlfriend?

Think about the most lovely moment you’ve had. Special moments awaken special sensations. The first place you’ve met or the most good place you’ve experienced. The most valuable shared moment together or a romantic date for a celebration. A perfect good portrait of the two of you or a custom design which you can choose from our customized pillow design.

What custom options are available for matching pillows with a couple's photo?

You can choose where the photo is placed on the pillow and how many photos you want it to be printed. You can adjust your design by choosing a color for your photo instead of white background such as black, royal blue, yellow, honey, orange, red, rose gold, rose and more.

How does the personalized photo pillow reinforce the couple’s emotional connection?

Think about it as a constant reminder of a couple’s love. People love to keep their valuable items close; sometimes it’s a frame on a worktable, sometimes a necklace or bracelets that you can wear all the time; sometimes it’s a cuddling pillow with a photo of yours to fulfill your loved one’s longing. Hugging is a physical desire that reinforces your emotional connection when you’re away from each other; hugging is a hope to come together again. Our pillow cases are strong enough to reinforce emotional connection and pretty soft to cuddle your loved one.

Can I include specific details in the design of the pet memorial pillow?

There are more than one way to customize or personalize your pet memorial pillowcase. You can simply upload your lovely friend’s photo as it is and add a message if required. Another option is to choose a design among our pet memorial collections and place your photo into the photo area. Considering our current designs, you can always customize them as you wish and let us know how you’d like it to be seen.

What are the guidelines to get the best result on a customized pillow?

To achieve top quality personalized photo pillow, you may care to use a clear and high resolution photo. The light and brightness are also important to obtain a clear and visible outcome. To get the best result, avoid photos that are too dark and low resolution.

How does the custom pet memorial pillow capture bonds and memories?

With the love and a memory you've captured; thanks to the cherished designs we’ve prepared and heat press technology we’ve been using for production. That’s right. You’re creating bonds and capturing lovely memories with your pet friends thus and so our customizable pillow cases are to remember and hold a cuddling memory and a keepsake for years.

When is the most appropriate time to give a custom pet memorial pillow gift to someone mourning the loss of their pet?

It depends on the person and grieving process. For some people it’s best to wait until some time has passed. If the person is comfortable enough to talk about their pet, it means that person seems more accepting of the loss; it may be a good time to give a gift. Consider giving a memorial gift for the anniversary of the pet’s passing as a special occasion. A pet sometimes may be the best friend in the world to a person so let this person know that you’re also caring for the loss.

What are the customization options for a pet memorial pillowcase?

Add your pet’s photo on a half of the pillow with a paw print including a name of your pet and a date if required. The other side will have a meaningful quote with a heart beat paw on the bottom part. You can find a huge range of design variants.

What materials are custom pillows made of?

Our custom pillows are carefully made from breathable polyester in a square and heart shape.

What pillowcase can I customize as a gift for my grandma?

Grandma’s garden will elevate your gift giving experience from a different aspect and inspirational customization option which will be longing as a family keepsake. Choose the number of child or birth flowers; The design is going vertical just like a growing flower. The name will be on the bottom part but with the end of the last letter, a tail will rise like a root, then blossom. This will be your grandma’s garden with loving memories or growing blossoms.

What custom pillowcase can I purchase as a gift for Mother’s Day?

Mama design Mother’s Day pillow cases with children's names would be a heartfelt gift and lovely way to tell your mother how much you love her.

Are there any personalized clipart pillow cases for best friends?

You can create your clipart characters with outfits. It's an easy and funny way to create your best friends clipart. These illustrations will be your memorable moments, inside jokes or shared interests. Such a good gift with matching designs and themes for pillowcases which represent your friendship. You can add your names and a special date, even a meaningful message if you wish. You can detail your clipart illustrations with an outfit, hair and items.

What are the custom pillowcase options as a gift for Valentine’s Day?

  • Mr. and Mrs. couple pillowcase design with names and date.
  • Fireflies share lovely moments together; customize your firefly pillowcase with your loved one’s name and add a special date if required.
  • Flamingoes are bonded to each other with love; purchase your custom pillowcase to show how strong is your emotional bond to your loved one.

Are there any different pillowcase designs for states?

You can find more than 50 states’ color themes which are all personalized with your names on top and a number up to double-digits at the bottom part.

Why do people like the concept of a unicorn on a pillow?

Unicorns are fantastic characters which are also associated with innocence, purity and beauty. These creatures evoke a sense of wonder and decorative items.

Are there any personalized pillows with graduation clipart?

Clipart is a visual presentation which is a quick, easy and fun way to enhance visual interest. You can find graduation clipart designs for every type of person  which includes skin color, cap and robe color and any type of holding item such as diploma, champagne bottle with personalized name and year of graduation.

What are the other custom pillow options for clipart?

Wizard pillows are wonderful gifts for friends and couples who appreciate fantasy or magic. Custom clipart wizard pillows are also perfect for specific occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and graduation gifts for friends.

What is the difference between a custom photo pillow and personalized pillow?

When it’s called a custom photo pillow, it refers to a pillow which is available to customize with a specific photograph. As a customer, choose your favorite photo and we’ll print it onto the fabric of the pillow case. When it’s called a personalized pillow, it can be also featured as a custom photo but you can also add additional personalization such as text, name, date and special message with specific colors or patterns for the pillow fabric. To sum up, A custom pillow is focused on a chosen image while a personalized pillow is not much different with customization options.

How do sequin pillows work?

Sequin pillows are known with two sides. One side has a shiny, reflective color while the other side of the sequin pillow has a contrast color or customization. Sequin pillows are mostly used for decorative purposes, adding a touch of bright decor on it.

Are the sequins reversible?

The sequins are attached to the fabric of the pillow. They can be flipped over to reveal the contrast area or design on the other side.

Can I customize the color or design of the sequins on a sequin pillow?

If you’re looking for a properly customized sequin pillow with specific color or design, you should better consider ordering a custom-made pillow from a company which specializes in personalized gifts. Giftshire offers a flexibility for selecting the colors of both sides of the sequins. You can discover more on the custom page screen.