Passport Holders

Make your difference and show off your elegance with our Customized Passport Holders. This collection is created for explorers and for those who like to be elegant and pay attention to individuality. This year, go beyond the ordinary and choose one of your favorite design from our design chart. Make your elegant choice, insert your customization, and complete the perfection in elegance. Giftshire is always with you to elevate your mood!
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What is a Personalized Passport Holder?

A Personalized Passport Holder is an elegant, portable, and leather-made passport cover that you can cover your passport and turn them into a better look. Each design has been created to show your character and interests. Our personalized passport holders collection is here to change your understanding up to now, so that you may find a chance to complete your outfit while traveling.

What kind of materials are used during producing process?

Our Passport Holders are produced by top-quality leathers. The quality of the leathers is checked each year by our Purchasing department in order to provide you the best service of all times.

Is Covering a Passport Legal? 

The answer is absolutely yes! Passport covers have never been illegal. So, you don't have to be worried to complete your style in your own way.

What are the benefits of Using Customized Passport Holders?

According to a psychological research, there are some positive effects of having customized stuffs. Having a customized products may provide self-value awareness and the vision of new creation. Here are some benefits we are sharing for you to see the benefits of having Customized Passport Holders.

  • Help you to provide your cover damaged.
  • It allows you to complete your outfit.
  • It pretends to be lost as your name is written on it.
  • It provides you to create new ideas for yourself.

Is that a Good Idea to Gift a Passport Holder to a Girlfriend?

Giving a passport holder a gift is one of the best creative ideas. This gift is not only suitable for a girlfriend but also for your family members. This is not just a holder. There is a meaning behind this. It means, a big wish to travel with her and respect her own style as an individual. We are totally sure that this year you will have romantic responses from her by gifting a beautiful personalized passport cover.

Is Passport Holder Necessary to Protect Your Passport’s Surface?

It depends on your usage. If you are a loyal traveler, or your trips are much more for business, the answer is big yes! Because ıf you wish or not,  you will change the place of your passport. Sometimes you will drop sometimes you will travel where the countries have dusty climate. These points will change your passport’s surface which will look so damaged. In order to prevent such situations, using a high-quality passport cover is the best choice.

How Can you Complete your outfit by ordering a Passport Holder?

As Giftshire’s every single collection, our passport holder collection has many types of designs that can take your interests and reflect your personality. If you're more likely to wear sport-casual or fancy dresses even in your daily life, we have solutions for each. Ordering a passport cover according to your style will change your mood and complete your outfit.

How Many Years Can I Use My Passport Holder?

It depends how you use you products. However, as we are 100% sure about the quality of ours, we may ensure you 2 years at least. If you are a caring person, this time can be extended up to 5 years.

How Many Color Options Do You Have?

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Burgundy
  • Chestnut
  • Cork
  • Dark Brown
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Rustic
  • Teal

Colors are available on our design chart. Each color can provide you to reflect your character features. As you all know, every color has its emotion. So it has significant importance to reflect your emotions while travelling.

How Many Designs Do You Have on the Design Chart?

  • Name Last Name Design: This design is created for those who like to be elegant but plain. You can customize it with you name last name.
  • I Haven’t Been Everywhere But It’s on My List: This design is for those who has hope to travel around the world. Remember that everything starts with imagination. This design will remind you the value of the imagination and the goals.
  • To a Lifetime of Adventure Together: This is one of the greatest designs designed for couples. It refers to future plans as a couple and protect your passport with love.
  • Life Tree with Last Name: Add your last name and combine yourself with the nature. Life tree design will give you peace of nature and joy of personalization.

How Can I Clean My Passport Holder?

In order to longer your passport cover’s life please follow the recommendations.
Use dry fabric while cleaning.
Prevent direct sunlight in order to protect the colorings.
Protect your cover from wet areas.

How to Buy a Customized Passport Holder?

The first step is choosing your favorite design and favorite holder. The second step is choosing your favorite color from the chart. Insert your information according to the design, confirm your information and add your payment requirements, and complete your shopping.

 Can I Have a Replacement in case of any Problem that I Encounter?

In our company, the customer service department is one of the most important departments. As we believe at Giftshire, sales are just the beginning, but after-sales services will elevate you in the market. With such a vision, we created a 7 /24-hour customer service department that can answer any demands. In case of any problem that you will face, our customer service department will provide you with either a replacement or a refund according to your wishes.

What is the delivery time after the ordering process?

Estimate time of arrival for our passport holders between 5-8 days from ordering. 
P.S.:  Estimate time of arrival can be changed during the Christmas season because of the order intensity.