Christmas Ornaments

This season of Christmas doesn’t have to be just an ordinary holiday and your Christmas tree can be more than just a symbolic decoration. Every ornament tells a story which belongs to only its bearer. What does your Christmas tree tell you this year? So go ahead and scroll down for the gallery of Personalized Memories. Step into our digital market land where the heart of Christmas Ornaments beat and fill your heart too with Christmas cheer. At the heart of our curated collections, you’ll find our personalized Christmas ornaments such as family Christmas ornament, pet ornament, memorial ornament, couple ornament, christmas tree ornament baby’s first christmas ornament, first christmas married ornament, newlyweds christmas ornament.

Can I customize the ornaments?

All you need to do is to explore our carefully crafted custom christmas ornament designs and select the best choice you’ve made then add your own personal touch.
What are the ornaments crafted from?
Our ornaments can be made from four distinct materials such as Aluminum, Ceramic, Glass and Wooden. Considering the material you choose, the design techniques will show a change as heat press, laser cutting or laser engraved ornaments.
Are the ornaments durable enough?
our personalized Christmas tree ornaments will undoubtedly be a long-lasting Christmas keepsake

What are $10 - $15 Christmas ornament ideas for Christmas decoration?

  • Kids initial ornament which is adorned with Christmas themes.

  • Photo cut ornament which allows you to materialize your favorite moments.

  • Memorial ornament to keep your loved ones by your side.

  • Couple Ring ornament with Mr & Mrs for the first christmas as newlyweds.

  • Ribbon name initial ornament with a wooden cut decor.

  • First Christmas Together ornament with snowflake decor which can be personalized with couple names.

  • Online dating ornament for couples to celebrate your love story.

  • First Christmas Married ornament with reindeer decor which can be engraved with couple names.

  • Dog Paw Ornament which is materialized with wooden cut for Christmas decoration gift.

  • Baby Memorial Ornament for babies in heaven.

  • Mr & Mrs Family Forest ornament with a woodland cut decor.

  • Floral Unicorn ornament with a wooden cut name decor.

  • Photo Memorial ornament to remember your loved ones as their happy moments.

  • Bunny Ornament which is adorned white tail with the name engraving.

  • I wish you lived next door ornament with Christmas home decor.

  • Paw print Ornament which is adorned with Christmas spirit icons.

  • Family Name Tree ornament with Christmas touch.

What type of ornaments are there?

We nourish the spirit of Christmas for you to keep preserving your memories offering unique designs. From classic round ornaments and heart-shaped ornaments to innovative concepts like name tree ornament, bone ornament, paw print ornament, house ornaments.

Which ornament should I choose for our first Christmas as newlyweds?

It’s a very special occasion to celebrate the new beginnings with our first christmas in our new home ornaments or would you prefer our first christmas together ornaments.
Moreover there are lots of elegant couple name ornaments that you can personalize with your names and special dates such as Mr and Mrs ornaments or first christmas married ornaments

Can I customize Christmas ornaments for my pet?

You would be surprised to see how perfectly it will suit your christmas tree.
You can honor the memory of your furry friend by choosing one of our unique personalized pet memorial christmas ornaments with laser engraved such as bone shaped ornaments and paw print ornaments which are the most popular designs we’ve crafted from wood material.
If you have your lovely companion’s photo, you can choose one of our round shaped or heart shaped ornaments and personalize it as you wish.

What is the best ornament for my baby’s first christmas?

When your little baby grows up, you’ll be able to hang their first christmas ornaments back on the christmas tree, that shows how durable they are as much as their quality.
You can customize the chosen design from our collections or you can attach any photo for your baby’s 1st christmas photo ornament to print on it.

How can I choose my family Christmas ornaments?

All you need to do is to choose a family christmas ornament then find the best design you’d prefer and personalize it considering your customization details with our This is us family ornaments, Gnome Family Ornaments, laser engraved wooden ornaments and photo cut ornaments.

How can I use the ornament?

An ornament can be considered as a thoughtful gift for someone you care for or special moments but also what’s important is that the place where you want to display.
Here is some ideas we think for you:

Do you have any memorial corner?

Think about threading custom engraved ornaments through a string and hanging it on the ceiling, shelf space and as a door or wall decor..
Have you ever thought about leaving a space for your loved ones?
Reserving a space or sticking photo ornaments in front of your mirrors would add a cheerful touch to your room’s atmosphere.

Are you one of those people who can not put the Christmas tree aside?

Maybe that’s because you don’t have to when you’ve got memorial christmas ornaments to decorate it.

Are you trying to get used to your new home?

Take a family photo in your new home, upload the image and personalized house photo ornament for family.

Can I customize the ornament with any design I want?

As much as our custom page allows, you can customize the chosen ornament as you like.

Are there any limitations on the character or lines for personalization?

On the custom page, you can type up to 25 characters. Please inform us how many lines you need for your personalization to display. Otherwise our talented graphic designers will take care of the process.

Do you offer proof for what the ornament will look like before order?

You surely have your right to see what your order will look like. All you need to do is complete your purchasing progress from the custom page. Additionally it would be enough to inform your request about the proof into the message box or customer service.

What if there’s a mistake in the personalization?

First of all, our experienced quality control specialists check your previous order detail and compare it with the sent order, able to detect the cause of mistake. If it’s a mistake coming from us, you’re allowed to request a new one, replacement or refund. If your personalization details mislead us, you can get in contact with our customer services and find a way to make both sides happy.

Are the ornaments suitable for outdoor use?

Of course they are but, our ornaments are lightweight so you should be sure your ornaments are safely hanging or standing. Apart from the risk of fly away, ornaments could be a perfect outdoor decor for Christmas time.

What is the best way to care for my ornaments?

One of the best ways is to buy your ornaments with a gift box. Gift boxes are not only beautiful presentations, they also protect your ornaments for next use without taking any damage.

Do you offer different ornament shapes and sizes to choose?

Our ornament sizes are standard but they are divided by shapes and concepts. For the round ornaments, we’re using a sublimation printing process while using laser engraved technique for paw print ornament, Christmas tree ornament. In summary, round ornaments with aluminum and ceramic materials are produced by heat press while concept ornaments with plywood or any wooden type materials are produced by laser cutting and engraving.

Can I include multiple names on one ornament?

Considering the design you choose, some of our ornament designs are coming with default two names such as newlyweds ornaments or family names ornament which is produced by heat press. If you want to have a Christmas tree ornament, you can have up to 9 names in one ornament which is produced with laser engraving.

What’s the recommended deadline for ordering to ensure delivery before Christmas?

At Christmas time, our talented graphic designers, quality control specialists, customer services and other departments are working for 7/24. You should purchase it no later than one week.

Can I personalize ornaments for special occasions other than Christmas?

Of course. There are hundreds of occasions for our Christmas ornaments to be suitable other than christmas such as birthdays, anniversaries, newlywed couples, wedding day, first time you have a home… To sum up, you can find a lot of ornaments, mostly for first time occasions. If you also have a photo of your special moment, it would be a great personalized ornament.

Do you have template designs for occasions?

Giftshire has a wide range of occasion templates for personalized ornaments. Mr and Mrs family ornaments with a forest theme, engraved by laser. Transparent pet memorial ornaments for your loss available with a custom picture. Human memorial ornament for your loss with a printable custom picture. Personalized rabbit ornament for Easter or housewarming decoration. Baby memorial ornament to send your love to heaven. Wooden cut initial ornaments for birthdays and Christmas or a heartfelt gift. First married or together ornaments for newlywed couples.

Can I request a custom design for a specific idea?

If you’re able to send us a photo or help us to understand what you’re planning to do for the chosen ornament design that you’ll decide, we’ll do our best as a Giftshire for sure.

Do you offer personalization in different languages?

Yes, we’re offering personalization in different languages. You can still make a choice from our font book as you can see on the custom page. Then type your personalization as your keyboard allows it. It’d be better to keep in mind and consider that you might want to write your personalization in the message box too just in case.

Are there any special offers, discounts or promotions in personalized ornaments?

During the Christmas month season, all our Christmas products and collections will be discounted for the new year. Christmas at Giftshire means full of discounts and low prices as a happy new year gift to our customers.

Can I track my order before it’s been shipped?

You can track your order from our tracking system which is important to provide you detail about your order's current position. If our order tracking system doesn’t satisfy your request, you can always get in contact with our customer services.