3D Crystals

Have you ever heard of crystal gifts? Have you ever seen someone bring your lovely moments back to life again? You’re not alone because Giftshire has its own giftland and has known the best quality of crystals. Our crew consists of qualified 3D artists who are professional in the field of 3D Crystals. Our Personalized 3D Crystal Frames would be suitable to buy almost for every occasion such as birthday gift, anniversary gifts, father’s day gifts, mother’s day gifts, memorial gifts. You can find any size and shape crystal gifts which can be personalized with text messages, icons and photos. With the wide range of design concepts, you can find the best crystal gift for any place to be displayed. There you’re ready to discover our 3D crystals; scroll page down to see our collection.
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3D Tower Glass Frame, Custom Crystal Frame

3D Tower Glass Frame, Custom Crystal Frame

$39.95 – $111.95
Wooden Base Colorful Led Light

Wooden Base Colorful Led Light

Rotating White Led Light Base

Rotating White Led Light Base

Rotating Multicolor Light Base

Rotating Multicolor Light Base

3D Crystal Photo, Father’s Day Gifts

3D Crystal Photo, Father’s Day Gifts

$39.95 – $111.95
3D Crystal Photo, Mother’s Day Gifts

3D Crystal Photo, Mother’s Day Gifts

$39.95 – $111.95
3D Crystal Frame, Custom Memorial Frame

3D Crystal Frame, Custom Memorial Frame

3D Heart Glass Frame, Custom Crystal Frame

3D Heart Glass Frame, Custom Crystal Frame

$47.95 – $159.95
3D Glass Key Chain, Custom Photo Chain

3D Glass Key Chain, Custom Photo Chain

$31.95 – $91.95

What exactly is a 3D crystal?

  • 3D Crystal is a transparent block of a solid glass which can be exposed to laser

beam to create three dimensional cloudy crystallized visual art. This process is also called bublegram or subsurface laser engraving because of so many fractured dots. Lasers focus on the inside of the glass but the outer surface.

What is a 3D crystal made from?

  • You’ll have the purest optical glass which is made from K9 optical crystal.

How can I know the differences between fake and real 3D crystals?

  • Real crystals should feel heavy when you’re holding it.

How can a photo be inserted into a 3D Crystal frame?

  • We remove the background of your photo and rearrange the size cropping to reach the best result.
  • Our 3D artists are using a software for 3D modeling to complete the conversion process from 2D pictures you sent us.
  • We settle your choice of 3D crystal shapes and sizes in the subsurface laser engraving slot.
  • Countless laser beams penetrate inside of the glass by the guidance of coordinates for each hundreds of thousands dots.
  • The final result is cloudy fractures inside of the 3D crystal.

Our quality control specialists inspect the final result, box it carefully and ship it.

What image formats are acceptable to upload my photo?

  • JPG and PNG formats are highly recommended but you can try to upload your image format whichever is available for you. We’ll do the best we can.

How do I upload my photo for 3D Crystal?

  • Click through the Giftshire where the purest and real 3D crystal glass is crafted.
  • Explore our design gallery or choose a 3D crystal listing that serves your shopping purposes.
  • You’ll see “upload any photo” below size options. Click to upload your photo
  • Then you can continue with the “add to cart” button.

Will I see the background of my photo in the 3D crystal frame?

  • We remove the background as a first step and clean the dirty pixels, however as you wish, we can keep any detail from your photo’s background. Please let us know about it.

What are recommended ways to display a 3D crystal frame?

  • The 3D crystal necklace can be displayed in a car, hanging on the window mirror or as the name implies, you can hang it on your neck.
  • If there is any memorial corner or any place where you can bring all important collections together, you can give your 3D necklace a space in your collection corner.

How do I know If my photo is proper for engraving?

  • It would be better for you to have the best quality result. To achieve a better quality, you can consider whether your photo is comprehensible or not.
  • Either this or that way, our customer service will let you know and ask whether you're still willing to continue with the same photo or not.

Can I personalize my 3D crystal with a message?

  • Only 3D memorial crystal glass and bottle stopper can be personalized with text messages.

Is 3D Crystal an appropriate choice for a memorial gift?

  • It’s painful to lose someone who you loved but it’s more painful to start forgetting all the beautiful memories day by day. If you’re also thinking that keeping memories is more valuable than ignoring them, this 3D crystal memorial gift frame will heal your feelings and be a perfect reminder of him or her.

Our 3D memorial photo crystal can be also personalized with text messages and you can put a meaningful icon.

Would 3D crystals make a perfect gift for a pet memorial?

  • Of course, it would be a perfect memorial gift for your pet. All you need to do is to send us a picture of your lovely friend and personalize your 3D memorial glass.

Is 3D Crystal a good choice for mother’s day?

  • Send us the best photo including you and your mother or maybe a family photo. Think about transforming your best moment into a crystal memory.
  • This is a portable gift for your mother which means it can be replaced as you wish.
  • This 3D mother’s day gift is also heavy as it can be recognizable whether it’s fake or not. When you put it somewhere, there is no way it can be dropped by itself.
  • As a final touch, you can unlock the Led Light Base features to reveal every detail inside of the crystal.

Would 3D Crystal make a suitable gift option for Father’s Day?

  • Send your father’s happiest captured moments; we’ll turn this moment into a life long gift.
  • As the crystal can be carried from one place to another, he can use it wherever he wishes.
  • Led Light Base will be a perfect touch especially in the dark atmosphere.

Can 3D Crystal be a thoughtful gift for anniversaries?

  • This will be the only gift for your loved one which he or she has never had like this kind of quality, because nobody cares for him or her as much as you’ve cared before.
  • Number one reason to have this gift is that there are really few people who can think about putting the best memory into a crystal.
  • If there is one thing better than having a great memorial photograph, it’s that having that moment like it’s living.

What is the point of having Led Light Base?

  • The Led Light Base will look more charming in the dark atmosphere.
  • The cloud details inside of glass will reveal itself much more clearly.

How durable is a 3D crystal?

  • It needs to have a real severe blow to break it.
  • There is no way to penetrate inside of the glass so your memory will last long.

Do you offer any discount or promotion opportunities?

  • Not only our 3D crystals but also any other collections have discounts.
  • You have a chance to get a promotion during shopping, exploring and adding products in your cart which means you can also get a chance to have an extra discount or promotion while you’re touring the website.

Do you offer gift wrap for 3D Crystals?

We’re not offering gift wrap but the box of crystal is designed so elegantly that the box is like a ringing bell for a precious gift coming.

      What should I do for any difficulties in your website?

      • You can always get in contact with our customer services anytime you want.

      What kind of images work for the best engraving inside a 3D crystal?

      • The higher resolution you send, the higher quality you’ll get.