Crafted with both high quality vegan leather and metal materials, Giftshire offers men’s wallets personalized with both engraved text and photos. Whether you prefer to personalize inside and outside of the wallet, pick your font style and color for the custom wallet and step inside our custom page and add to cart to finish the purchasing process as a memorable gift for him. Our personalized wallets are suitable almost every occasion as a gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, weddings and any celebrations such as retirements, graduations or promotions. Step inside our personalized leather wallet and metal card holder world to have a cherished gift for years to use.
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What materials are used for wallets?

Giftshire offers premium leatherette wallets that imitates the look and feel of genuine leather which makes them more affordable and provides aesthetic appeal.

What are the specifications for leatherette wallets?

At Giftshire, personalized wallets measure 3,5 inches to 4,25 inches, featured with 6 slots for your cards and two inner pockets for cash bills.

Do you offer gift boxes for personalized wallets?

We do offer a gift box which will leave a memorable impression, whether it’s a gift for someone else or you’re treating yourself.

What are the color options for leatherette wallets?

You can find 6 different color options that you can purchase including:

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Chestnut
  • Gray
  • Rustic

Where can I personalize a leatherette wallet?

You can buy a leatherette wallet at Giftshire where high quality products are made of and custom engraved personalization applied meticulously.

Why personalized leather wallets are perfect gifts for Father’s Day?

Buying personalized wallets as a gift for Father’s Day are essential accessories for men for daily use to store and organize money, cards and other items. Leather wallets offer uniqueness for the recipient and long lasting use. Personalized wallets as a gift allow you to express your appreciation and gratitude. It’s a way of demonstrating your effort to make a gift for your dad.

What are the personalization options for leather wallets?

You can customize your leather with name, initials and icons at the right bottom of the wallet. You can customize with name and surname your leather wallet both horizontally and vertically. 

Can a wallet inside be customizable?

If you wish, you can also add a custom text inside the wallet choosing among 6 different font options. At Giftshire, we’re also engraving photos inside our wallets.

What is a custom engraved photo wallet?

Custom engraved photo wallet is a personalization process that can be applied inside of a wallet’s surface which is a special memory to carry and a meaningful functional accessory.

How does the photo engraving process work for leather wallets?

The first thing you do is to go to Giftshire's leather photo wallet listing and click the “personalize and add to cart” button. Then you'll be automatically directed to our custom page screen; choose a color for the wallet, choose a font if you also like text engraving, click the “select image” button to upload your photo. We’ll remove the background details.

Who would love to receive a custom engraved photo wallet?

A wallet is our valuable portable item which can hold our money, cards, photos and more. Make a surprise birthday gift for your dad with a personalized photo wallet. New daddies would love to have a personalized wallet to carry his new born baby’s photo engraved instead of carrying it in case of losing it.

Why are photo engraved wallets a perfect gift for men?

Adding a photo to a wallet makes it a special and personal item because an engraved photo serves as a reminder of special moments, a loved one or any significant event. Every time he uses the wallet, he’s going to feel and remember the memory of a lovely family, beloved girlfriend. Giving a gift with a photo engraved inside the wallet indicates thoughtfulness making it more meaningful. As an essential accessory that men use, whenever he carries his wallet with a photo engraved, he’ll remember the giver.

What makes a photo good engraved for wallets?

From the technical perspective, you can make sure that your photo is not too dark or too bright; just enough to see details of people inside the photo. Try to choose a higher quality because the higher resolution we have the most precise result you’ll get. Avoid the blurry photos.

Do you edit photos to get a better result for the engraving?

We don’t really prefer to crop the photo unless our customers inform us. We remove the background of the photo because we’re focusing on the photo of your loved one so only the face and rest of the body can be engraved.

What are the customization options as a gift for Father’s Day wallets?

Personalized fist wallets for dad can be customized up to 5 fist for children and one fist for the father.

Personalized papa bear wallets come front with bear designs and different font options. You’re allowed to add a custom bear up to six cubs for children and one for papa.

What are the font options to customize a leather wallet?

You can find up to 20 different font options which you can also find famous fonts like Game of thrones, Star wars, Trajan, Army, New york, Texas tango, Stencil, Rockwell, California and more.

How can I choose the right wallet for him?

How a lady’s handbag is important to her, a wallet is also important to men. You should consider the style and color of it. Women can have more than one wallet or handbag but for men, a wallet is not an accessory that can be changed daily but it’s simple to make them feel special for a personalized gift. The high quality craftsmanship and functionality are more important for men.

How can I choose the most suitable wallet for him?

Think about the size and know how many cards he holds approximately and it’s also important that the wallet is suitable for physical money to keep inside. The material is also important. If he doesn’t carry money but cards you can consider purchasing a metal card holder or leather card holder instead of wallet. The color is also an important detail to consider; he shouldn’t hesitate to use it. How many compartments or slots the wallet has for money, cards and other items. It’s also fundamental to organize his belongings.

What material is used for card holders?

Our high grade card holders are varied in two different kinds of material which are both light-weighted, durable and classy looking with the engraved personalization.

What is a metal card holder?

Metal card holder is a small container to organize cards such as credit cards, identification cards, club cards, transportation cards, business cards and more. Metal card holders have slots to easily separate multiple cards from each other.

Are metal card holders able to hold money?

Our metal card holders are designed with a money clip to keep some cash for daily use.

What is the size of metal card holders?

Metal card holders are 3,3 inches to 2,1 inches which easily fit into your pocket and are useful.

Are metal card holders worth buying?

Metal card holders are known as popular for durability. Thanks to aluminum metal material, it provides a protective shell for the cards inside. The metal material is not only for protection but also gives a stylish look with personalization.

Can card holders be personalized?

Giftshire offers custom made card holders with a wide range of personalization options. Personalization is progressed with laser engraved technique including text, initial, date and logo.

What materials are metal card holders made from?

Our metal card holders are made from aluminum to ensure longevity, lightweight and protection for cards.

What occasions are suitable to purchase a card holder as a gift?

Personalized metal card holders are chosen gifts for weddings, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries. Thanks to the material they’re made of, they look like professional accessories so they can be served for individuals in the business world with business brands.

Are card holders suitable for a groomsman gift?

Card holders are thoughtful and practical gifts for groomsmen which can also be long lasting gifts that your groomsmen can use for years to come.

What are customization options for icon card holders?

Icon card holders are designed with a circular icon which can be placed as a centerpiece of the card holder, then name and date are engraved below the icon. You can complete your customization process choosing among 9 different icons and 5 different font styles. Our icons for metal card holders: Flag, Deer, Fish, Super Dad, Bow Tie, Crown, Lion, Cigar, Eagle, Anchor.

What are the personalization options for groomsman card holders?

Initials are heartfelt touches for personalizations. Add your groomsman’s name below the initial of his name. Under the name you can place your groomsman title then place a wedding or special date below the title. This is a four line design for a groomsman card holder.
The other design is the same as the first one but with a three line; the groomsman name is engraved onto the initial then title and date placed below.

Another popular groomsman design at Giftshire is with bowtie. A bow tie logo is centered on the metal card holder, then name, title and date placed as a three line below bowtie logo.

Are card holders suitable gifts for corporate events?

Metal card holders are personalized with laser engraved technique which means you can also count them as a promotional gift for your employees or business partners. You can personalize them with the recipient's name, initial, promotion date, achievement or a meaningful message.

What is the difference between leather and metal card holders?

Leather card holders are 3,3 inches to 4,6 inches with 7 slots for use while metal card holders are 3,3 inches to 2,1 inches with 10 slots for use. Metal card holders are single black color while leather card holders include black and rustic color options. Leather card holders are cheaper than metal card holders with a very small price range. Metal materials are heavier than leather.

Why do people prefer leather card holders?

Leather card holders are produced with premium vegan leather that looks luxurious.

Can I see a proof of how my wallet will look?

Absolutely! We provide proof before getting started with the engraving process. We’ll send you a digital form of the proof.