Personalized Tumblers

At the heart of Giftshire, there are stainless steel drinkwares that you can find. Welcome! and embrace the elegant and timeless tumblers. We made it for you to be a perfect gift for your loved one serving for every occasion. There you’re in the stronghold of meticulously crafted, stainless steel tumblers. If you’re thinking having a quality drinkware you’re about to buy is good enough, wait until you see the personalization that will blow your mind. Scroll down to explore affordable tumblers:
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What is the cleaning and maintaining process for tumblers?

You have multiple ways to clean and maintain your tumbler. Here we offer some cleaning and maintaining ideas for you. If you’re using your tumbler with more than one sort of beverage you may want follow some options as we listed below:

  • Rinsing the tumbler with hot water after each use of will help you to experience your next beverage without any residue but pleasure.
  • You must definitely avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that may give damage to your tumbler.
  • You may prefer to use mild dish soap and non-abrasive sponge or cloth to wash the tumbler both inside and outside.
  • For the deep cleaning process, we’re recommending a cleaning brush set which is made for the specific intention to clean tumblers. You can see additional accessories in the purchasing screen too.
  • For the lid and seal, wash them with hot soapy water and rinse until remove any soap residue.
  • Leave your tumbler’s lid off to allow air circulation and prevent the moisture.
  • Be aware of exposing the tumbler directly in sunlight or extreme temperature because this can affect your drinking experience.

What materials are used for manufacturing tumblers?

Giftshire uses stainless steel tumblers that have been well known with durability, insulation features.

How do tumblers maintain the temperature of beverages?

There could be more than one step to maintain the beverage temperatures:

  • Double-wall construction consists of two layers of wall material with a gap between. The structure helps to minimize the heat transfer which helps to keep the beverage hot or cold for long periods.
  • Vacuum insulation, which is a common feature in stainless steel tumblers, significantly reduces the heat transfer to create vacuum by way of removing the air between inner and outer walls.
  • Reflective Surface is a feature similar to insulation effect which can help to reflect the heat inside, into beverages.
  • What sizes are available for tumblers?

We currently have two sizes of tumblers with 20oz and 30oz and one skinny tumbler with 20oz.

How durable are tumblers?

The material used for manufacturing a tumbler is more important than everything because what is made of is also the answer for how durable it is. Giftshire has been manufacturing and offering stainless steel tumblers for years. Stainless steel tumblers are well known for exceptional durability. They have a tough determination to resist any rust and corrosion. They can also remarkably endure drops or impacts by accident.

What makes tumblers so popular?

  • Portability is one of main features that customers are looking for. Traveling in your car, being in a rush at work or running for a place to reach; you can find a convenient tumbler size which is convenient for every occasion.
  • Durability is a must have feature for all of us. We’re offering highly durable products with stainless steel tumblers. Thanks to durability, stainless steel is also going to encourage the use of not using disposable cups.
  • Trendy accessories are giving a stylish look and providing innovative features. You can choose a custom trend design or have a straw set accessory. If you’re drinking from a stanley Tumbler check out our stanley name tags.
  • Environmental Awareness is our personal interest as customers preferring eco-friendly materials. Stainless steel tumblers are reusable so it may help to reduce single use cups or plastics.
  • For a safer and healthier experience, don’t risk your life with toxic chemicals. Stainless steel is non-toxic unlike any other materials.
  • Customizable tumblers arouse huge interest with a rich variety of colors, designs and font options allowing customers to personalize on both ready-idea and your self-idea.

What is the difference between a tumbler and a mug?

  • Tumblers are handless drinkwares and manufactured for durability both drinking experience and longevity, while mugs have a handle to grab and lift easily and they’re typically small sizes and shaped.
  • Tumblers are so popular for using them while driving, walking and can be carried to wherever you go. Mugs are serving beverages which are primarily used for hot drinks.
  • Tumblers have a lot of distinct properties such as insulated and double walls for keeping the beverage temperature hot or cold for hours.

What kind of insulation do tumblers have?

Many modern tumbler manufacturers use double-wall construction which means that tumblers are crafted with two layers with a space between them. The reason for leaving a space is to minimize the heat transfer and help to keep beverages hot or cold for a long period of time. Additionally vacuum insulation is also working for reducing the heat transfer removing the air between inner and outer walls.

How long do tumblers keep drinks hot or cold?

Using high quality stainless steel tumblers will maintain your beverage temperature for more than 6 hours. A tumbler lid with a tight seal will keep retaining the heat and extend the duration.

Tumblers with good insulation are also giving a huge effect for keeping the beverage cold. At least 12 hours, you can ensure that your beverage is still cold inside your tumbler. Adding ice, if required, will keep the duration more than 12 hours because ices melt very slowly in already cold water.

Do tumblers come with any accessory?

  • Lid: Our tumblers have a tight sealed lid for preventing spills and leaks but retaining the temperature as it is for a long time period.
  • Straw Set: You can have our stainless steel, eco-friendly straw set as an additional accessory.
  • Cleaning Brush Set: Another additional accessory which is vital for maintaining and cleaning the process. With this specialized cleaning brush set, you can reach every spot of your tumblers inside.

Where can I buy customizable tumblers online?

Giftshire proudly presents a unique collection of tumblers directly on its personalized website. Here you can find any range of personalized tumbler designs, ideas and concepts. You can meet with Giftshire on every platform such as instagram, pinterest, youtube and its browser marketland.

What are the design options to personalize a gift for my mom?

  • Custom monogramming is a stylish gift engraved with mom’s initials and her full name onto the tumbler.
  • Favorite quotes are heartfelt ways to show how much you care for her. Imagine her favorite book or movie, there may be a strong line that inspired her. Think about what she always says for life, turn her saying into a memorable quote.
  • Mama Bears that can be both cuddly for children and angry for being a protector.
  • Mom with names is one of the other popular designs. There is a big MOM for background; in the center of the Mom, there are child names arrayed side by side separated with comma, heart, bear of little shits.

What are the design options to customize a gift for my dad?

  • Daddysaurus is the most popular father’s day gift and birthday gift for your dad.
  • Papa Bears are also one of the popular collections that Giftshire offers for.
  • Dad with names is a memorable piece for fathers who always carry his tumbler by his side. There is a big DAD for background engraving and in the center of Dad, child names come front with engraving again separated by comma, heart, bear or little shits.
  • Custom icons are bringing so much sophisticated touch to your personalized tumblers. you can choose the best icon which gives any specific features for your dad.

What is the meaning of eco-friendly tumblers?

Eco-friendly means that tumblers are made of sustainable materials that minimize the environmental impact; recycled plastics, glass, bamboo and stainless steel can be examples for this. When you’re looking for an eco-friendly tumbler, search for if it’s durable and reusable like stainless steel. Eco-friendly tumblers are very likely non toxic and BPA free tumblers.

How to choose the right tumbler for hiking?

Think about the size that you can carry easily and fit in your hand; it should be finely gripped. Check out for the insulation, you can’t carry your tumbler always in your hand all the way, you need to put it in your backpack. When your tumbler is in your backpack, you wish to be sure that there is no leak or spills. Considering the size for your comfort, you should also consider the size for your hydration needs. How much time do you hike and how much water do you consume during hiking? You don’t want to be thirsty.

When you need to clean your tumbler, it should be easy to clean but sometimes rinsing won’t be enough to clean which will remind you of having a cleaning brush set to reach deep edges inside your tumbler. Don’t forget to add to cart your cleaning brush set.

When you’re hiking, you should stop or slow down most of times but if you think of using a straw set, you can just easily sip it while hiking without stopping.

How to choose the right tumbler for my mother’s day?

Think about your mother’s favorite beverages. Considering her drinking experience you can decide to purchase one of our three tumbler sizes which are 20 oz, 30 oz and skinny tumbler with 20 oz. In the following step, you should pick a color that can be one of her favorite colors or you can first choose a design and then choose the color that will be perfectly suitable together. Complete your personalization details and wait for a laser engraved elegant tumbler.

How to choose the right tumbler for my father’s day?

Remember your father’s favorite beverages. How would he want his drinking experience to be? Search for our dad concept tumblers for a special occasion. If you’re not satisfied, check out other custom designs. Choose your tumbler size and colors that you believe it to be convenient for your father. Look for straw and a cleaning brush set, if he’s interested.

What are the best tumblers for kids?

Tumblers with straw sets are easy to drink for children without spills. Additionally cleaning brush sets could be a good chance to take your children to a personal item. To make it more personal, leave personal touch for your child and purchase a personalized tumbler for kids. 

What are the most affordable tumblers?

There are two ways to have affordable tumblers; One way is to use acrylic or plastic materials in a single wall insulated with basic design features. The second way is at Giftshire, where the double walled insulated tumblers, made from stainless steel materials, are affordable. Moreover you can always find discounts and deals for your interest at Giftshire.

What are the most sustainable tumblers made from recycled materials?

Recycled Stainless Steel Tumblers are the best sustainable choice that you can make. It would be a perfect tumbler choice for ones who are seeking durability and long lasting drinkware.

What are some unique tumbler designs for birthdays?

  • Custom name and initial personalization would be a stylish way to add a personal touch for your loved one’s birthday.
  • You can choose countless charming patterns or font styles that can be written with only a name.
  • Special dates would be a catchy idea for engraving on tumblers.
  • Considering the interest or hobby, you can find something relatable for. Check out our icon tumblers design to get a specific idea or send us your custom design if you have.
  • Favorite quotes would be a heartfelt idea which will make you a special person. Think about the best movie, favorite book, a song lyric or a poem; you will make that person’s moment a day.

How can I buy personalized tumblers for a birthday gift?

Giftshire does! Personalized birthday gifts are meticulously crafted at Giftshire’s personalization lab.

Where can I buy personalization tumblers for a wedding gift?

Giftshire presents wedding concept tumbler designs with laser engraving services. You can find a wide range of tumblers with groomsman, best man customization. According to the role of your wedding ceremony, you can customize our ready-to-ship designs however you want it to be.

Where can I purchase personalized tumblers for graduation gifts?

Check out Giftshire’s graduation tumbler concepts. Add your graduation date with a cap. Explore our clipart skinny tumblers for the graduation theme.

What are some inspirational quotes for tumblers?

  • She believed she could, then she did.
  • Dream big, work hard, stay hydrated.
  • Embrace the journey, trust the process.
  • Chase your dreams with wide open wings.

What are some inspirational designs for tumblers?

  • Firefighter Tumbler which are only suitable for the borns to play with fire.

  • Occupation Tumblers Which includes 34 different job concepts from engineer to financial photographer.
  • Squid Game Tumblers which consist of basic shapes and fonts.
  • Groomsmen Tumblers for wedding ceremonies.
  • Birth Flower Tumblers which you can find a flower for every single month.
  • Nurse Tumblers that will add a cool atmosphere around you in the hospital and outside.
  • Cat Mom Tumblers which are suitable for cat lover moms.
  • Dog Fur Mom Tumblers are lovely choices for dog lover moms.
  • Dentist Tumblers for the reason that someone may need to clean your mouth.
  • Doctor Tumblers which you can find the best options for your drinkware’s appearance.

Are there any tips for keeping drinks fresher for long periods in a tumbler?

  • You may prefer not to open your tumbler's lid frequently.
  • If you fill your tumblers fully, it can keep your beverages temperature longer than partially filled.
  • If the tumbler is affected by sunlight directly the temperature of your drink will rise earlier than expected.
  • Choose a double wall insulated tumbler, they are user friendly drinkwares that are crafted for increasing drinking experience.
  • You can prefer to use ice cubes or ice packs to keep your beverage cold longer than you expected.
  • Before filling your tumbler, you can hold your tumbler in the refrigerator or hot water for a while.

Can tumblers be used in microwave ovens and freezers?

It’s not recommended because our tumblers are made of stainless steel which means that if you put a metal in a microwave, metal can cause sparks and exposed radiation.

Our stainless steel tumblers are experienced and tested against crack or damage but ıt’s not recommended to keep a freezer for a long time.

What are some creative ways to use my tumbler beyond just a holding beverage?

How about growing a plant with a tumbler.

  • Choose the size that you want
  • Place you flowers inside
  • Water and care
  • Thanks to double wall insulation, the warmth coming from the sun will be more effective.
  • Personalize this tumbler flower pot with the name of your flower or however you pleased.