Whiskey Glasses

Meet the ultimate drinkware gift for the whiskey enthusiasts and explore meticulously personalized designs. Grab your true whiskey glass; raise and make a toast with your personalized whiskey glass that is made by BPA-free glass which is a durable material and meticulously crafted. Giftshire provides only high-quality material with lead-free glasses. Our personalized whiskey glass is a perfect choice as a gift for every occasion and person; A memorable gift for groomsmen on a wedding day, a respectful retirement gift for the sake of working years, a tasteful and special gift for Father’s Day. Thanks to our precise laser engraving and sandblasting technology, Giftshire does a wonderful production process while customizing whiskey glasses.

What describes a whiskey glass?

A whiskey glass has a wide scope shape which is produced to elevate the whiskey drinking experience and enrich the aroma of the whiskey. The top of the glass is made of thin lipped circler brim while the bottom part is made of thick, weighted glass.

What is the point of drinking from whiskey glass?

Whiskey glasses are well-shaped to enhance the drinking experience and smell. If you’re the type of person who likes to improve the experiences in a true way, choosing the true whiskey glass for your whiskey may really help you to elevate your drinking experience.

What is personalized whiskey glass?

A whiskey glass that can be laser engraved is called personalized whiskey glass which means that it is customizable with names, patterns, date or any detail or company logo coming from you.

Why do people buy whiskey glass as a gift?

Personalized or custom whiskey glasses can come out with different intentions based on your personality, style or the occasion. It may be a personalized gift for him or a custom gift for her, or you may just want to elevate your drinking experience with custom engraved whiskey glass.

What are the customization options for whiskey glasses?

Engraving is the most popular and meaningful way to customize a whiskey glass. With the engraving options, you will be allowed to choose any personalization options from our personalization library. You can observe them in custom pages including names, dates, quotes, even a custom design or logo coming from you is acceptable and possible to engrave for us.

Are whiskey glasses worth buying?

A whiskey glass with a good shape helps concentrate on the whiskey aroma.

How to properly drink whiskey from a whiskey glass?

A whiskey glass should be filled approximately 20% because making a room in the glass will help you to smell it which will be also easy to hold the glass.

Why is the bottom part of a whiskey glass thick?

Most people use ıce to enjoy their drinking experience but too much melting ice or too warm whiskey can affect your drinking experience very badly in terms of aromas and flavors. Thanks to the thick base, ice never melts quickly, that's why the bottom part is so thick.

Are whiskey stones worth buying?

Well, it’s up to you but as our professional recommendation, it would enhance your drinking experience because ice cubes will be a liquid water after melting. Whiskey stones are not liquid, they’re just helping your whiskey to keep cold or chill. Once you add your cart, you’ll have six cube shaped whiskey stones and one velvet bag.

What are the options to purchase whiskey glasses?

You can buy your whiskey glasses one by one or increase the amount of sets to purchase multiple whiskey glasses at one time with discounted price.

What is a heavy base whiskey glass?

Heavy base whiskey glasses are made from lead-free glasses. This whiskey glass is a great gift for any occasion. This whiskey tumbler, in other words, would be great for gifting. They are customizable with laser engraving technology as you wish.

Are personalized whiskey glasses dishwashers safe?

Our whiskey glasses are made from glass and featured with deep laser engraving so they are dishwasher safe. Glass is durable and resists the heat and dishwasher cycles without taking damage.

Can I send you the design I’d like engraved on the whiskey glass?

Absolutely! Feel free to share your design or logo. Whatever you have in your mind for the engraving, We’ll make it true. Giftshire works with more than one decorative technology such as sandblasting, laser engraving, etching and more.

How is the packaging for the whiskey glasses?

You can choose a black cardboard box or wooden box as a gift box with foam pads, cut for each individual glasses. It will elevate the gift giving experience and keep your items safe during delivery. Moreover, wherever you go, you can easily put the glasses into the gift box and place them on the gaps.

Does a whiskey glass make an appropriate Father’s Day gift?

Especially for fathers who enjoys whiskey and admires quality glassware, this whiskey glass will be a thoughtful gift for Father’s Day which will leave a mark for meaningful and memorable Father’s Day gift. With the personalization option we provide, you can also add a personal touch that shows how much you care about him.

Is a personalized whiskey glass a suitable gift for anniversaries?

Whether it’s your own anniversary or looking for a perfect anniversary gift for a beloved couple, Giftshire’s personalized whiskey glasses are adding a personal touch to enrich the way it looks. For such an unforgettable moment, create your own gift by personalizing one or a set of whiskey glass with the couple's initials, names, wedding dates and a short heartfelt message. Elevate any celebrations by buying a single whiskey glass or set of whiskey glasses that are suitable as a gift for birthdays.

Why should I buy personalized whiskey glass as a wedding gift?

To enhance drinking experience with magnifying glasses to toast to love and happiness. It’s a celebration of two special souls for the cherished years to live together. Thanks to the elegance gift box, whiskey glasses surely will be one of a kind treasure for years to come. Shop now, add to cart your gift and go to the custom page to personalize whiskey glasses as a gift.

Can a whiskey glass be an ideal gift for whiskey enthusiasts?

Our customizable whiskey glasses would be a perfect choice for those enthusiasts who really love experiencing whiskey drinking. The gift wrap is designed to enrich gift giving experience and to provide more safe delivery conditions. Whiskey is a passion for some people so drinking it with a proper whiskey glass is important for them to take pleasure. Collectors also individually collect whiskey-related items such as decanter sets with glasses and home bar.

Why do personalized whiskey glasses symbolize relaxation in retirement? 

It’s so true that personalized whiskey glasses symbolize relaxation in retirement. After all the years of service to you, after all your career, these glasses will serve you as a reminder of good old days and good hopes for the rest of your life. In every sip, you’ll embrace your freedom with your new life area. Personalization will also add an emotional layer which will make the experience even more important.

Why should I choose a groomsmen whiskey glass as a gift?

It’s obvious that you’ve never tried Giftshire’s personalized groomsmen whiskey glasses if you’re asking this question. It may be a proposal for a groomsmen gift, a token for best man, father of the groom gift; these personalized whiskey glasses will be a memorable choice that feel like a perfect gift option.

  • Choose a design with a date where you can add an initial between; below initial, write your name on the ribbon and your groomsman title under it.
  • Pick your bowtie design with name, title for groomsman and wedding date.

What size are groomsman whiskey glasses?

Timeless keepsake that stands the rest of time, the groomsmen whiskey glass is 10 oz which is equal to 3,5 inches height.

What occasions are suitable to buy whiskey glass as a gift?

Our personalized whiskey glasses are sold in huge amounts at the time of christmas, wedding ceremonies or parties, Father’s Day and birthdays. Those remarkable whiskey glasses with customization options will amaze your dad, boss, grandfather, husband and friends.