Wooden Coasters

Mark your home with small details, and make yourself feel every detail belong to you. Our Customized Wooden Sign collection is here to deck your home and complete your home decor. Each design is designed to make your life easier and more elegant. While you can keep tables dry and clean, you welcome your guests with your unique style. These designs are made both for couples and individuals. Make your choice do not forget to get your own coasters.
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What are Customized Wooden Coasters?

Customized Wooden Coasters are the holders of your cups, protect your tables, keep them clean, and bring individuality to your home.  This coaster set is also a great idea to gift for those who like to stay at home and love to be hospital.

What is the material of Wooden Coasters?

Our Customized Wooden Coasters are made of top-quality bamboo that can be used for a long time.  Every year, our purchasing department checks the highest quality products around the world to produce you greatest products of all time.

Are Customized Coasters a good idea to gift as Housewarming Gifts?

Customized Coasters are the most suitable gift ideas to gift as Housewarming gifts. Each design has a unique look to reflect your character that can also match your home decor. You can customize it by adding your friend’s name and initial and you will be provided the most charming housewarming gift of all time. 

Are Wooden Coasters hygienic?

Bamboos are the safest products to use. Bamboos contain ‘bamboo kun ‘which makes them anti-bacterial. This material helps to prevent bacteria and microbes from growing inside the bamboos. So, it is the most rightful product to choose for your home decor.

How many years can I use my wooden coasters?

Wooden products are specifically used for around 40 years in case of making their proper cleanings. However, as a special engraved and small pieces product, the coaster can be used for around 5 years.

What are the best wooden coasters features?

  • Several Designs
  • Laser Technology Quality
  • Raw Material Quality
  • Quality of Packaging
  • Fast Shipping Service
  • After- Sales Guarantee

What are the benefits of using a coaster set?

Coasters help to keep dry of your tables. Tables are the most problematic furniture in our houses. We need to clean the dusts, after meals and tea times. This collection is here to help you and save your time to clean in your tea time. 

What are the age averages for using a coaster set?

According to the field research, it is indicated that 35-55 ages are more likely to use coaster sets. It is not just about having good decor, it is also about keeping the home clean. As we think 35-55 ages are more likely to clean houses, this average can be right. 

How Many Designs Can I Find?

Our designs contain some styles that can be fitted with couples and personal ones. The first one matches with initials and date second one is with the design, couple names, and dates.  Each year our professional design team is creating new designs, so they can bring you new series to your doorstep.

How to buy wooden coasters?

Giftshire is one of the biggest online solutions system in the U.S. Our first aim is to provide you best services and upgrade your special moment experiences. Here we are providing you the steps of the ordering in our system.

  • Choose the design you wish.
  • Click the Personalise & Add the Chart button
  • Insert your information
  • Go forward to the next step
  • Choose your payment term
  • Provide your address for shipping

Complete your ordering and be ready to meet your top-quality product.

How many pieces will ı get when ı order a wooden coaster set?

Our Customized Wooden Coaster Set will reach you as 4 pieces in its special bamboo box.

Can ı get a special discount for special occasions?

Giftshire is not just a customized gift provider, but also a true partner for you and your pocket. Set your alarm and wait for the special opportunities for you and your loved ones. Each occasion has its own chance to be presented. Follow the closest special occasions and see the differences between the prices.

What is the process of engraving coasters?

As a first step, we prepare the design and apply the details as you wish.
Our quality control department checks for the details to see if they are correct or not.
We add the products to the high-tech laser machine and our machines focus on engravings to your coasters.
After completing the engravings, our quality control team checks the informations and the quality of the engravings before shipping.
Your customized coaster set will be carefully packed and sent to you as fast as possible.

Can you inform me about your after-sales services?

Our customer service team is the one of most important departments in our company. To be successful in business is possible to be competitive with prices and reliable with the quality of the products. Our customer service has professional specialists and we work  7/24 hours to respond your needs.  In case of any problem that you might face, such as a broken product, wrong design, poor engravings, etc, we will directly provide you replacement to get your satisfaction.

What are the sizes of coasters?

Highest Quality wooden Bamboo coasters come with a special holder. Each square coaster is 4x4 and 0.3 in thickness.

Do you have express shipping system?

The answer is yes. We have express shipping services any time you need. Especially Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas are the most preferred special occasions for express shipping.

How much does it cost for shipping?

Expedited:0lb-5lb - $ 14.99 Usd
Standart: $50.00 and up- Free
Standard: 0lb-1lb Free
Standard: 1lb-5lb Free
Standard: - 3 to 4 business days Free