Coat Hangers

What could you benefit from an ordinary coat hanger? Nothing else than hanging on. We’ve come up with an innovative coat hanger idea and developed it to maximize customer satisfaction. The materials we used to create a well crafted wooden coat hanger are coming from nature itself. When you see a charming detail on nature, you’ve motivated yourself to touch it, right? This wooden door coat hanger will awaken a special interest in visitors you invite to your home or your room. The uniqueness of our wooden crafted coat hanger is coming not only from our precious natural materials, but also our matchless design will never be forgotten when you touch and feel the smooth surface of a stylish design which means that it’s worthy to be called unforgettable wooden craft. Let’s step into our wooden collection and scroll down to meet our wall mounted wooden coat hanger.
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What is the size of a coat hanger?

The size of the wooden coat hanger is 16” X 8” which can be perfectly fit in any place for any home.

How to mount a coat hanger?

On the backside of the coat hanger, you’ll see the mounting holes.

How to clean a coat hanger?

There is no specific cleaning product or any process that you don’t need to clean. With the protected layer for the printing, your custom wall mounted wooden coat hanger will have a polished surface which means that you only may want to dust-off.

How to use the coat hanger?

Considering it as a customized hanger, you can actually hang whatever you’d like to. It’s most likely used for doorway or entryway decor.

Where do I use the coat hanger?

It depends on your preference like where do you like to keep your coat, clothes or keys. According to your needs, you can use it both in the entryway of the house and in your room.

How durable is a coat hanger?

This heartfelt gift is carefully designed and made of high quality natural wood material.

How durable is the printing on a coat hanger?

The printing process is the critical stage in sublimation technique which means you’ll get a sustained and vibrant printing which is never going to fade over time.

What is sublimation printing technique?

It’s a purification technique and we’re using it for digital printing operations. The design you choose is transferred to a specific paper by sublimation ink. After we perfectly aligned it onto the product, the next stage comes with the heat press. According to heat, the ink is absorbed by the material itself. Then we package it to reach you as soon as possible.

How many design options are there for a coat hanger?

There are six different design options and each design comes with its unique font options. Whether it’s a gift or for you, it is a perfect idea as a home wall decor.

What is the most preferred coat hanger?

“This is us” and “there is no place like home” are two favorite family coat hanger designs that our customers prefer.

How many wooden coat hangers are there?

There are 4 different wooden type coat hangers with 7 unique design options here some option below:
•    Dark wood,
•    Walnut, Maple
•    Birch.
Additionally we have also 6 different Floral theme wooden coat hangers you should check out.

How quality are your wooden staff?

The reason why we’re choosing wooden staff for our products is that we have a great manufacturer to craft premium quality wooden staff which means a real natural wood staff.

Is a coat hanger a good gift for the newlyweds?

As The Stainless and impeccable wall mounted gift, there could only be just a flawless memory you’d put in their lovely home.

What includes a coat hanger?

You’ll have 3 stainless steel hooks for your coats or keys.

Do I have to choose any design to buy a coat hanger?

Our design options are ready to customize wooden wall coat hangers. You can also send your own idea or you can do any changes on our existing design. It’d be enough to specify the details you want to change.