Elevate your work-time quality and organize yourself with our Personalized Padfolios. This collection is created to change your routine in a customized way. Each product is designed for you to show off with quality and individuality. These products are great companions for your business life, and you can take them everywhere thanks to their compact size and smart looks. Make plans for your appointments, take notes for your daily adjustments, and put your future notes for yourself. Your life will be easier with Customized Padfolios. Grab one as soon as possible!
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What are Personalized Padfolios?

Padfolios are leather/ fabric made of organizers that you can organize your daily plan with. While, you participate in your meetings and are well organized with our Customized Padfolios, and you can also show off with your style and complement of your outfits. Each padfolio has its own design to customize so that you can personalize it with your reflection of the style. 

What will be the positive effect of Getting a Custom Padfolio for Myself?

First of all, you have to determine for yourself how you will deal with the stress of your life. The first step is to organize your life and plan your daily routine. As a normal person, you may forget the steps you will follow. So the easiest way to remind you of your plans is to take notes.  Our customized Padfolios are great tools to keep you well-organized and prepared for your meetings. Once you realize how planned you are, you will feel the positive impact of your Customised Padfolios.

Is it appropriate to give a gift to the boss in business life?

Giving gifts is one of the kindest behaviors during people's emotional periods. However, sometimes you may need to do small favors for yourself or as an investment. Giving a gift to the boss is an investment in your business life. However, you should choose your gift carefully. It should be serious and useful. Our Personalised Padfolios are the best way to express your thoughts and tell how much you care about your work and your boss in a discreet way.

What are the Sizes of Customized Padfolios?

Small- 7x9 
Large- 9.5 x 12
Each size has been created to be used in different areas. While small sizes are great to carry in your handbag, Large size is great for laptop bags and for those who have a lot of notes to take. 

How Many Design Options Do You Have?

As we all know business is a serious life to handle. Knowing this fact our great design team has created three design options to choose from. 
Each design will reflect your character and your style. Here we created 3 options for:

  • Best sister Ever design for our lovely sisters and to praise their love and show our affections to them.This design has also a title place to add as you wish.
  • Best Bucking Dad Ever design is a great option to celebrate our respectful fathers.
  • And Product Manager design for our Managers who guide us through our difficult times.

How Many Color Options in the Chart?

Our Customized Padfolios have been created as colors. 

  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Black

Each color has been tested on the padfolios in order to provide long-term use and the best service for you. You will be guaranteed the product quality and long-term use by Giftshire.

How Can I Order Custom Padfolio By Giftshire?

  • Choose your favorite design as your wish.
  • Select your size according to your needs.
  • Insert your information as the design requires.
  • Add to Chart and your address pay for the order and your order will be shipped as soon as possible. 

Who Should I Contact When I Have Any Problem After Sales?

As an experienced company in the personalized gift industry, we will never disappoint our valued customers. If you have any problems with your order, such as shipping, packaging, or damage, you can contact our professional customer service team 24/7. 

How many years can I use a customized padfolio?

In case of following the instructions, we can promise 2-3 years by changing the interior notebooks.  We proudly remind you that our all products have been chosen by the purchasing department in order to provide you with top-quality products. With such a guarantee, we are sure that you would use even more than 3 years of your elegant padfolios.

What are the cleaning instructions?

It is possible to make your product’s life longer! Here we share some tips to longer your product’s life:

  • Clean your padfolio with warm fabric.
  • Do not use cleaning products.
  • Protect from direct sunlight.
  • Do not let it be wet.
  • Do not put hot items on it.

Can I Have a Discount for My First Order?

At Gifshire we have responses to all kind of demands from our customers. For your first orders 10 % discount will be offered to our valuable customers.

What are the prices of shipping?

  • Expedited:0lb-5lb - $ 14.99 Usd
  • Standart: $50.00 and up- Free
  • Standard: 0lb-1lb Free
  • Standard: 1lb-5lb Free
  • Standard: - 3 to 4 business days Free