Picture Frames

The wooden keeper of cherished moments which will be worthy to remember for years and a valuable treasure to transfer from generation to generation. Thanks to the craftsmanship of premium wooden material, it will be a centerpiece to your home decor with a cherished memory inside. Whether it’s mother’s day, father’s day or birthdays and anniversaries; as long as you want to keep your memory alive just like the first time experience or as long as you want to freeze time, Giftshire has all the way and quality materials to make your memories unforgettable.
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What is the highly recommended gift for mother’s day in 2024?

The top selling mother’s day frame of 2024 is personalized wooden frames which they’re crafted from premium quality wood material and ornament with custom design details.

What type of images are suitable for wooden picture frames?

The best suitable frame picture should ring a bell for emotions that is the only requirement to capture your favorite moment into your wooden picture frame.

What picture frames mean to people?

Frames hold a huge significance to people because all of us want to freeze time when we’re living the moment. Frames are like memory vessels where lovely moments can be preserved.

What are some ways to personalize a frame?

At Giftshire, you can find many ways to customize a frame for example, initials, monograms, family and couple names, I love us, best mom ever, first mother’s day, daddy's girl, first communion, 1st father’s day, floral, heart and tree.

What to consider when choosing a picture frame gift?

  • The material of the frame is vital for durability and stylish looking.
  • It should be better to choose the frame size considering the size of your picture.
  • Sometimes, it can be a life saver detail to consider the recipient’s preferences or style which can be helpful to decide before you purchase.
  • One more step that you can think about before you buy is the decoration that it looks like in the recipient's home.
  • Personalization options can be considered with the design together. The customization can be shown changes in parallel with font styles and design options.

Which size of frame do I need for a photo?

You can find two different sizes of frame at Giftshire.

  • A small frame measures 6.5 inches to 8.5 inches which will be suitable for 4 inches to 6 inches picture size with the dimensions for both vertical and horizontal.
  • A medium frame is 7.9 inches to 9.5 inches which will be a perfect match for 5 inches to 7 inches picture size with available dimensions for both vertical and horizontal.

What are some ways to display a picture frame?

At Giftshire, when you purchase a picture frame, you will also have two display items which will be included in your order for both wall display with hangers for either horizontal or vertical and tabletop displaying with an easel.

What is a UV printing frame?

This is a process to dry ink directly on the surface of a frame using ultraviolet light which is also providing detailed and precise printing results with vivid color.

What are the advantages of having a UV printing gift?

Fast drying process and scratch resistance are the fundamental advantages of having wooden frames.

What is MDF frame?

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard Which is crafted from wood fiber materials and combined with resin sustaining the progress of high pressure and heat. This technique is generally used for frames with pictures and other decorative items.

What are the benefits of having a frame with laser engraving?

First of all, laser engraving has an effect for highly detailed resolution and unique personal touch with stylish looking. Laser engraving leaves a permanent customization which also means that the personalization is now a part of the material itself.

How many names can I put on a frame?

Our concept designs are prepared for up to two names, however you can still customize the selected design with the personalization you’d like to put on frame. All you need to do is to give as much detail as you can for us to be able to serve you.

Which picture frame would be the best suit for mother’s day?

Flower motif wooden picture frames with soulful quotes are awaiting to be delivered for all lovely mothers with an additional personalization option.

Some of our picture frame quotes are listed below if you are interested:

  • Always my mom, forever my friend.
  • World’s best mom.
  • I am as lucky as I can be, the best grandma belongs to me.
  • I love you mommy.
  • My heart belongs to grandma.
  • Great Grandmas create memories that the heart holds forever.
  • Mom, thank you for always being there.
  • There is no other bond like the bond between mother and daughter.

Are there any loyalty rewards for frequent picture frame buyers?

Yes, indeed. Giftshire provides promotions, discounts and event related deals for customers. We’re following account profiles for you not to miss any opportunity and chances for free or discounted personalized picture frame gifts.

Do I have to fill in all personalization?

You can leave blank the line you don’t want to fill; do not write anything if you don’t want a personalization.

What types of wood are commonly used for frames?

Softwoods are commonly used such as pine, redwood, cedar which also provide low cost and easy to work on for catching the finest work and look.

Why is wood good for picture frames?

The wood is a leading crafting material with three fundamental features for flexibility, low weight and durability.

How can I protect my picture from any damage while displaying on my wall?

Consider wooden frames which are lightweight and also durable and unbreakable compared to other frames.

How can I clean my photo wooden frames without causing damage?

Wooden frames have easy to clean surfaces. Use a soft cloth and kindly wipe away the dust or dirt.

How can I ensure the stability of frames for tabletop?

We’re offering wooden frames with an easel back for supporting and easy to use for tabletop. Thus it will be ensured that the frame won't get any damage from tipping over.