Cutting Boards

Who is the best master chef or grill master you've ever known? Cutting boards are essentials for people who like to spend their time in the kitchen. Which materials is it made of? Is engraving smoother enough? Giftshire has all the answers because we've already asked them for you. So we've cleared off all the concerns about wood cutting and laser engraving. All you can do is just to choose your favorite cutting board gift, customize your gift with details. After that confirm your personalization from the preview, add to cart and get your five starred premium quality gift.

Are laser engraved cutting boards healthy?

Manufacturers make all cutting boards from wooden materials because hardwoods are the best at resisting bacterias. Hand wash and mineral oil your cutting board by hand with warm water is always a safety good idea. Laser etched cutting board materials that are made of wood are both long-lasting and renewable.

Is chopping board a suitable gift wrap for newly-married couples?

Giftshire offers custom cutting boards perfect for newlyweds, with a variety of designs to suit every couple's style. You can personalize these wood chopping boards, crafted from superior quality materials, with names, dates, or special messages. They make a thoughtful and practical wedding gift for cooking enthusiasts or new kitchen owners. Visual previews are available when customizing, with options like a laser-engraved cutting board ideas such as tree design.

Which is the ideal cutting board to present as a Mother's Day gift?

You can find lots of both ideal and suitable cutting board laser designs special for mother's day. Giftshire gives primacy for the durability above all else when engraving boards to ensure they last a long time. Starting from our precious Mom's Kitchen cutting board design to the grandma's garden cutting board with names under birth flowers, the options are wide.

Which is the best cutting board to present as a Father's Day gift?

When he opens his father's day gift, the first thing he will do will most probably be to make a barbeque party. Step into the land of Giftshire to see laser engraved dad's grill. Give him a reasonable gift to show his master skills on the grill at the backyard.

How many cutting board sizes are there?

Giftshire has three different wood cutting board sizes.
Small wood cutting boards are 12 inches to 8 inches. Medium wood chopping boards are 15 inches to 10 inches. Large lasered cutting boards are in 18 inches to 12 inches. All laser cut cutting boards are tunable according to the size you would like it to be.

What type of cutting board are there?

Giftshire offers more than 5 different types of laser engraved chopping boards. From regular types of cutting boards to rectangular shaped cutting boards, you can find the best personalized gift. Giftshire presents its handcrafted cutting boards with various materials such as wood and bamboo.

Is it important to have a cutting board?

Having at least one cutting board will help you to chop your ingredients. Meeting unexpected accidents in the kitchen such as knife cuts is not something you want to deal with. Cutting boards are not only useful for chopping ingredients but also look charming when serving on it.

How to pair a gift with a cutting board?

Cutting board is a wood type gift for both serving meals and chopping food ingredients. Finding the perfect knife would be a spicy match to a cutting board.

What purpose can a cutting board use for?

All cutting board sizes are suitable for every kitchen in a house so choose the best size option for your lovely kitchen.
Are you running a charcuterie? We're recommending you choose a large size laser engraved charcuterie board.
Do you like to go to the picnic for a grill party? If you're a small group, the small size cutting board will work for sure. Medium size cutting board will be a safe choice for more people and more space.
You can chop, cut, slice and dice whatever you wish to do on your personalized laser engraved cutting board.