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Do you need a reliable customization service? Giftshire hears your needs now hear us! Step into a world where every flutter whispers in your ear and welcome you. Some people call it a yard sign, some call it a garden flag while some know it as an outdoor flag. Whatever you call it, your customization will perfectly fit on each flag. Come Close and scroll down to explore personalized garden flags with meticulously designed concept arts.
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Custom Graduation Flag, Graduation Garden Flag

What is a garden flag?

Garden flag is a decorative yard sign designed to be displayed outdoors. Garden flags can be personalized for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies, events like halloween, graduations and more.

What is the purpose of the garden flag?

Garden flags add an aesthetic atmosphere for the celebrations such as holidays, events, personal milestones, graduations and more. For some people, a garden flag reflects the personality of the homeowner’s interest or beliefs. Some people buy garden flags to celebrate a special occasion and to support their favorite team while some are using these lovely yard signs to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests with a personalized invitation.

How big is a garden flag?

Garden flags have generally two different size options but Giftshire has increased the size options to three as following:

  • Small size is 11 inches by 18 inches,
  • Medium size is 18 inches by 27 inches,
  • Large one is 24 inches by 36 inches.

What do I have to do to hang a garden flag?

Hanging a garden flag is such an easy and entertaining activity. All you need is materials and a good spot.

What materials do I need to hang a garden flag?

A garden flag is required, a garden flagpole considering the size of your flag and designed to stand for outdoor use or a mounting hardware such as clips or hooks.

What are the steps to hang a garden flag?

  • Choose a good spot that your visitors or guests can easily see; don’t forget to leave enough space for the flag to move freely.
  • If you’re intended to make the flag stand you may want to consider whether the ground is soft enough to insert a flagpole but also enough to hold it upright or not.
  • Consider that your chosen spot is safe enough to withstand wind and rain.

How to attach a garden flag to a wall?

Choose a visible spot and leave enough space to hang freely; ensure the wall surface is suitable for mounting. Mark the mounting points for desired height. Align the bracket or wall mount with the marked points and use screws to secure the bracket to the wall. Attach the flag to the pole then insert the flagpole into the bracket or simply use a rope to hang.

How to attach a garden flag to the fence?

  • Use zip ties to secure the pin points of the flagpoles or dowel to the fence. Ensure that the ties are tight enough to hold the flag securely. Then position the flag to make it look straight and make necessary adjustments remaining.
  • Keep the flagpole or dowel against the fence and mark where you want to hang the hooks or brackets. Drill holes and assembly hooks or brackets at the marked spots then place the flagpole or dowel onto the hooks or into the brackets.
  • If you prefer using screws directly, drill holes through the end point of the flagpole or dowel into the fence. Then use screws to attach the flagpole directly to the fence which is a more permanent and secure option to display your garden flag.

How to attach a garden flag to the door?

  • Decide where you want to hang the flag on the door. If you prefer to use screws, position the flag hanger on the door. Use a pencil to mark the screw holes and drill.
  • You can simply attach the flag on the door with the help of a rope and adjust the flag properly to be displayed centered.

How to customize garden flags?

Giftshire offers the latest custom order page. After you tap the personalize button, each change you make for personalization will be displayed instantly on selected products and designs. It’s easy and very supportive; first you choose a background color, then choose another color for the personalization part and finally start text customization including year, name, message, school and more according to chosen design.

Are garden flags machine washable?

  • Garden flags are mostly machine washable; especially materials like polyester or nylon are more durable and weather-resistant.
  • It’s recommended to use mild detergent to avoid damaging the fabric or printed design.
  • After completing the washing, allow the garden flag to air dry but using a dryer.

Where to buy a garden flag?

Popular online marketplace for personalized garden flags and yard signs is at Giftshire where endless discount prices are located. You can find endless designs, themes, colorful backgrounds and sizes suitable for many occasions like wedding ceremonies, graduation gift, housewarming gift and home decor, welcoming, newborn babies, birthdays, anniversaries.

Which is better for an outdoor garden flag?

With the best product vision, Giftshire chose again better material for the selected product; Garden flags or yard signs are made from polyester because of the factors like durability and longevity. Polyester is durable against sun, rain, wind and other environmental elements and withstand without fading.

What are customization options for garden flags?

  • We’re offering optional single side and double sided printing.
  • Add your family name and a meaningful message to adorn your garden with a welcoming flag or housewarming home decor.
  • Choose an initial design to add a sense of sophistication to your outdoor home decor.
  • You can explore our theme based yard sign designs such as halloween flag, pride flag, pro choice flag or American garden flag.
  • You can always create your own design background, photo or however you want; send it to us. All you need to do is to choose a size.

What are color options for a garden flag?

Giftshire’s color spectrum is much wider. From vibrant colors and solid color schemes to earth tones, seasonal colors and pastel shades; you can explore all custom color combinations that you might consider.

What is the meaning of having a family garden flag?

Family flags symbolize unity, a bond shared among family members. For some people it’s a way of expression in one’s family heritage and traditions. Family yard signs can also be a warm welcoming for guests and visitors. Flags are also used to celebrate significant moments or milestones of family members such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or graduations.

How to protect a yard sign from fading?

  • There are some maintenance processes you can easily make; clean regularly with a mild soap and water or place the yard sign in a location that receives partial shade.
  • There are also additional maintenance processes like UV protective spray and Uv-resistant materials. These Uv protective sources help block harmful Uv rays and prevent colors from fading.

What is the meaning of Pro Choice yard signs?

Pro Choice flags signify a stance for individuals who seek to highlight expanding legal access to abortion service. These flags can help raise awareness about pro-choice movement, mentioning gender equality and women’s rights.

Are garden flags double sided?

The answer is yes. Our personalized garden flags or custom yard signs can be customized double sided as optional.

What kind of decorative flags are there at Giftshire?

  • Family garden flags to symbolize unity and warm welcoming. See our family flag listings exploring our collection.
  • Halloween flags with spooky designs with witches, ghosts, pumpkins and other halloween icons. Purchase your halloween theme flag and turn your yard sign into a halloween mansion.
  • Photo Flags with graduation photo, family photo or bff photos can be also personalized. Immortalize your best moments with your loved ones.
  • American garden flags consist of a lot of different concepts for yard signs.
  • Welcome Flag is inviting and warm welcoming for your visitors.

Is it a good gift idea to purchase a graduation garden flag?

It’s a wonderful way to honor the graduate’s accomplishment. The flag can be displayed in the garden, indoor and outdoor as a showcase of pride. Personalized graduation yard sign flags will also be a keepsake that can be worthy to remember for years.

How to personalize a wedding yard sign?

At Giftshire, you can find several background themes for the flag. Choose the favorite wedding flag with initial or mr and mrs design; personalize it with names, date and a short lovely message for example, “welcome to our wedding”. You can also add a bride and groom photo to make your guests understand the wedding place such a heartfelt wedding decoration.

What are customization options for pride yard signs?

You can find 8 different rainbow flag concepts with distinct font style options which means you can personalized it with fantastic flag themes.

Are garden flags suitable gifts for newlywed couples?

The answer is definitely yes! Buy a meaningful gift for a newlywed couple. If it’s required you may want to know the couple's name and wedding date to give them a unique keepsake.

Where can I purchase American flags for the yard?

Giftshire is one of the popular online stores for selling a variety of flags including American flags for outdoor in a variety of concepts.

What are the most popular garden flags for halloween?

Jack-o’-lanterns, witches and ghosts are classic halloween icons with glowing eyes, haunted houses or casting spell concepts. Moreover trick or treaters and cute monsters such as smiling ghosts make halloween spirits spread all over the town.

How to customize a photo garden flag?

First of all, you should select an image or photo with a high resolution photo (recommended). Then decide what size you’d like to have and think about the design layout. Our custom page will direct you step by step without getting lost. Then add a personalization text or custom graphic detail you wish to be printed. If you like, you can always ask for proof of a digital version of your order before shipping. You'll be able to see your preview as well.