Decanter Set With Glasses

Giftshire proudly presents the best selling decanter set collections with countless design options. Crafted with complete attention and shining details, a decanter set with glasses will illuminate your room’s atmosphere. It’s not the light coming from your ceiling, it’s the glass and crystal purity reflecting the warmth color of your whiskey. We understand that it’s required a huge special care and importance to find the perfect gift so each decanter set is carefully crafted for you to present a perfect gift to your loved ones. Scroll down to see our perfect listings for decanter set with glasses; explore our glass and crystal crafted drinkware collections, choose your favorite design options to personalize and luxuriate in your premium whiskey.
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Square Whiskey Decanter

Square Whiskey Decanter

Art Deco Decanter Set

Art Deco Decanter Set

Premium Whiskey Decanter Set

Premium Whiskey Decanter Set

Luxury Whiskey Decanter

Luxury Whiskey Decanter


What is included in a decanter set?

The crowning touch of the set is the decanter itself to preserve your beverage and serve it which may be often in both crystal and glass. Decanter set also contains a whiskey glass or tumbler. According to your preference, you can find a decanter set with two glasses, a decanter set with four glasses or only one decanter with A stylish set box. There are also some preferable parts such as whiskey stones to chill your drink.

What makes a whiskey decanter high quality?

A decanter set with glass should be made from lead-free glass or crystal. From the bottom part to the stopper, the decanter itself must be crafted for seamless joints to make the decanter look smooth. Although the sense of aesthetic is so crucial, the functionality is everything.

High quality decanters have been identified by its clarity. Whether it’s made from crystal or glass, the color and transparency when you look inside behind the decanter shouldn’t look cloudy.

It should be effortless to pour the whiskey without spilling around.

Which whiskey decanter should I buy?

The structure of Decanter is so important. The feature of the bottom part should have been a wide base for stability. Having a narrow neck will definitely be needed to minimize the evaporation. The stopper is also playing an essential role to prevent air leak to the inside of the decanter. Be sure that the stopper is on the decanter after every use.

What kind of decanter sets do you have?

  • Decanter Hexagon Set:

    Hexagon shaped decanter set with glasses is often made from glass with lead-free glass which is attracted by its six sided characteristics. The hexagon decanter set also comes with hexagonal glasses. The hexagon decanter set with glasses will be the favorite for those people who are interested in geometric shapes and modern aesthetics.
  • Decanter Square Set:

    Square shaped decanter sets with glasses are often made from glass with lead-free. Based on the design options that you’ll choose, your decanter will have straight lines with smooth curved edges. According to your preferences, you can have your decanter with a set of 4 or a set of 2 glasses with square base shaped.
  • Decanter Rectangular Set:

    Rectangular shaped decanter sets with glasses are crafted from both glass and crystal. From the bottom through the body part of the rectangular decanters has a crystal look model which means these parts are also made from crystal and the rest made from glass with lead-free.

How big is a whiskey decanter?

Decanter’s length is measured as 9 inches and the size is 25 oz.

How do I know If a whiskey decanter is the right choice for my husband’s birthday?

  • If your husband is a whiskey lover, buying a personalized whiskey decanter set with glasses would be a perfect birthday gift choice for him to experience the whiskey-drinking like he never before.
  • If your husband has a bar at home, having a whiskey decanter could be an excellent collection to make his bar look cool.
  • Considering your husband is a collector of whiskey decanter sets, he would definitely like to add one of our precious decanter collections.

Is the decanter a suitable gift choice for a wedding ceremony?

You can choose your represented design that symbolizes you or your loved one’s special day. Our personalized decanter sets with glasses would be a charming gift for just married couples putting a touch of warmth to their love nest. They will remember you as you left a memorable gift that you can bring enjoyable moments for the sake of their marriage. Share your heartfelt wedding gift, they will remember you in every sip.

You can personalize your decanter gift with couples’ name or initials, wedding date with a meaningful message with such an elegant gift box. There is always a chance to make your gift more memorable.

Is the decanter set a suitable gift for the first anniversary?

A personalized decanter set symbolizes the togetherness of your journey as a couple. It would be a perfect gift to celebrate your first year of marriage which is personalized with the details of your couple or family name, date and messages.

Thanks to our well-crafted decanter sets, your cherished beverage decor will be a timeless and durable gift for years that you’ll be able to celebrate your anniversaries for years to come. Everytime you use your decanter set with glasses, the first year of your marriage memories and the moments you shared together from the beginning of your relationship will renew.

With storing your favorite drinks in a stylish crystal and glass piece, surprise your guests by adding a sophisticated decor to your home.

Which decanter set should I buy for a father's day gift?

Spare some money for this Father’s Day and purchase a personalized decanter set with glasses that can be fitted into your price range. Having countless sets of decanter designs, you can easily find a decanter set gift for your father’s day which reflects your father’s lifestyle. Our lead-free and high quality materials ensure that you’re buying a well-crafted durable and crystal clear decanter set. Considering your father’s pleasure in style, choose your decanter shape and design that also reflects your dad’s personalization details.

Where can I buy a personalized Decanter set?

Decanter sets with glasses, crafted from high quality glass and crystal materials with love, are available to be purchased at Giftshire where the masterpiece of laser engraving technology is progressing.

Does the shape of decanter matter for the process of engraving?

The surface place for the engraving should be flat, otherwise the personalization will look bad because of irregular surfaces. The shape of decanters will change the condition of the engraving process because we need exact surface spots to make engraving smooth and keep it on a flat surface.

What are the personalization options for the decanter set?

  • Initial with name and date is one of our most preferred customization options which is adorned with a wide range of design patterns.
  • Art Deco decanter sets with glasses, engraved with geometric shapes and customizable.
  • Icon engraved premium whiskey decanter sets with glasses which are available to customize with name, state and date.
  • Best Father Ever decanter sets with glasses would be the perfect gift for father’s day.
  • Aged to perfection decanter sets with glasses as a birthday gift for husband.
  • Engraved golf club logo for a decanter set with glass would be a thoughtful gift for him.

Is it possible to engrave a custom logo on a decanter set?

Of course! Send us what you want to see on your personalized decanter set with glasses. Whether it’s your personal touch for personal purposes or for a community, you can upload your custom logo as png or jpg with the personalization details. If you’re having an issue uploading your photo, Our customer services will help you step by step to reach a conclusion.

What is the process for engraving the decanter?

  • First of all, we’re preparing the design and applying the personalization details as our customer wishes it to be.
  • Our quality control specialist checks for whether the personalization details and the chosen decanter design is correctly done or not.
  • Right before the laser engraving process, the surfaces of the decanter must be cleaned in case there could be any dust, stain or scraps during crafting.
  • Engraving setup is prepared for carving the intended design and personalization.
  • Thanks to the high technology laser engraving machine we used, our laser beams focus on the personalization and design area.
  • After the engraving process, our quality control specialists ensure the engraving is done perfectly.
  • After being sure everything is fine, our crew moves on the polishing process for the engraving area to make the design look smooth.
  • The personalized decanter set with glasses will be carefully packaged in a charming box or gift box as you can prefer.

How many different types of decanter sets?

There are three different ways to order a decanter set which includes a decanter set with four glasses, decanter set with two glasses, only one decanter or only glass or rock glass.

How long can alcohol stay inside of a decanter?

It’s definitely based on the alcohol type, the quality of decanter and storage conditions but with a high quality decanter and a tight stopper, the durability will last for an extended period.

What material is used in crafting decanter?

There are other materials used for crafting such as ceramic, stainless steel and acrylic but, we’re using only glass and crystal materials crafting out decanters and glasses. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. We’re looking out for the following factors such as durability and aesthetic.

Which decanter is the best for whiskey?

Glass made and crystal made decanters are very popular for filling with whiskey. The stopper also plays a crucial role for keeping the flavors and aromas.

Where can I buy an art deco decanter set?

Considering our professional 3D and 2D artists, we have an understanding of the art movements so you’re searching in the right place for an art deco decanter where Giftshire offers.

Why do people like to have art deco designs on decanter?

The design elements, which are contained in this art movement, are enriching the skill of its artisan who crafted it. Although Art Deco emerged almost a century ago, the interest in this art has been continuing. Its charm comes from the shapes and motifs of geometric touches.