Birthday Calendars

How many historical events do you think a house can keep in its memory? The answer is hanging on the wall, right below your Personalized Wooden Family Birthday Calendar which is the best priceless advice you’ll ever heard, and everliving gift you’ll ever have. Imagine a flashy roadmap design full of notable reminiscences of your loved ones which is not only a physical reminder of birthdays, anniversaries or wedding days but also a decorative Birthday Calendar Board that will make all the difference in your home. Now, meet our Laser Engraved, Personalized Calendar with Birthdays which is well-crafted by cutting from wood materials. With the personalization that you’ll be put on it will bring a unique aesthetic into your room. The Calendar ensures no special event slips your mind, We assure that with its charm, your memories will stay aligned.
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Is a Wooden  Birthday Calendar a good custom opinion for the decoration?

Even it’s a fun way for visually keeping track of your friend’s, family member’s and loved one’s birthdays or anniversaries, there is no getting away from the natural and stylish touch it will bring to your living space. Additionally our Wooden Birthday Reminder comes in a collection of custom design features and styles. It’s the best way to show someone how much you care and how tasteful you are.

How durable is a Wooden Calendar?

With the different color options such as Black, Chestnut, Walnut and Merlot, this Perpetual Birthday Calendar will be serving for years that you won’t need to get a new one. Unlike other Printed Calendars, name and date tags are not engraved to a particular person or a year which means that you can re-use and organize it as long as you wish.

Is there any assembly required for the calendar?

Each month will be listed at the bottom of the wooden calendar plaque. You will spot each hook fastened right under each month.
You’ll have 1 hemp rope so that you can easily hang your wooden calendar on the wall. There will also be 30 circular and 30 heart-shaped name tags with 60 metal rings.
Write your loved one’s name on one tag and hang it below the matched birthday month as a reminder.
Of course we don’t forget our lovely pet friends. Considering that you might also have a furry friend at home! We’ll send you extra two name tags each for both cats and dogs to keep memories on the board.

How big is the Family Birthday Calendar Board?

Our Wooden Family Wall Calendar size measures 15.5”X4.5” which could be the dimensions of a mid-size wooden cutting board.

Who can I buy for a Birthday Calendar as a gift?

When it comes to Customized Gift for Grandparents, a wooden family birthday calendar jumps out as a perfectly suited and practical option. Updating the calendar together will not only strengthen family bonds or create remarkable memories but also ignite conversations from the memories you’ve created during visits.

The first time you held hands, the day of first kiss, first movie, first argument, the moment you first said “I love you” to each other, anniversaries, birthdays and many more special occasions… Now let’s think all about it. Considering there are so many noteworthy moments to record, why wouldn’t you turn this into a Bonding Board for your relationship? The importance of remembering is a matter and we value it too.