Beard Combs

Experience the right quality wooden comb for your beard. This handcrafted, polished wooden beard comb will easily go through your beard and help to keep it free of tangles, sangs or knots. Whatever direction you wish to grow your beard, it's the best fit to comb a beard and keep it smooth. Each beard comb is meticulously crafted for durability and luxurious feel in your hand which is why we offer personalized wooden beard comb with custom engraved design features. Do not forget to be gentle to your beard.
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What kind of beard comb is healthier?

Unlike plastic or metal combs, this wooden made beard comb doesn’t stimulate allergies or skin conditions. They also detangle beard knots gently without giving any damage to your facial hair.

Which type of beard comb is recyclable?

This wooden recyclable beard comb is eco-friendly and renewable.

How long should I use a beard comb?

Wooden beard comb is made by natural and sustainable materials which means that you can use it every single time for years.

How can I understand the effectiveness of a beard comb?

Wooden combs are pretty light with hands. Having a finely crafted teeth comb will help you to glide through your facial hair and keep your beard game strong.

Can I comb my pet with a beard comb?

Even though it’s designed for beard care only, some pet owners prefer to use beard combs as grooming tools for their pets. Considering the function that it provides, it would be very enjoyable with the way you comb your pet.

Do I pay for personalization?

Giftshire takes no money for personalization. Our price tags for wooden beard combs are only for the comb itself.

What is the cost of a beard comb?

Engraved wooden beard combs are fixed at $12.76 USD, 50% discount are now available for beard lovers.

What is the primary material Giftshire has used for beard combs?

For durability and best quality, premium wooden material is the main item Giftshire has been using to produce beard combs.

Do you offer custom color options for beard combs?

No, Giftshire produces beard combs with totally natural wood materials without using any colorization method.

What customization options are available to enhance the presentation of the beard comb?

Beard combs can be customized with different stylish design and font options. You’re also allowed to add any icon which is included in the design concept.

What are the pros of having a wooden beard comb?

  • Thanks to anti-static features, having a wooden type beard comb will reduce the hair breakage.
  • It helps to comb gently.
  • Considering it’s manufactured from lightweight material, the usage and carrying would be comfortable.
  • As it is made from natural material, it looks luxurious compared to other materials.

What are the cons of having a wooden beard comb?

  • Wooden materials can be more expensive than other materials.
  • Wooden materials require periodic care to preserve the wood.
  • If they’re made from softer wood, it may splinter or break in time.

What are the sizes of beard combs?

Giftshire offers a single size option for beard combs.

What if I don’t like my beard comb?

Please check for the policies for replacement, return or refund. If you’re worried about the process, you can always get in contact with our customer support team.