Labels for Kids

Personalized kid labels or stickers are customized labels specifically designed for kids items. There are several variations of labels such as die cut stickers that are created by cutting labels into custom shapes or designs, regular stickers with different visual themes and personalization option and custom photo available to print on different shapes and sizes. Step into the world of kid labels, explore various custom designs and free personalization options then complete your purchase to make your child day fun.
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What are die cut labels?

Die cut labels are simply stickers which can be manufactured in different shapes using a specialized tool.

How many kid label stickers do I have in a single purchase?

Each personalized kid label consists of four different shapes which include two rectangular, one square, one round and in a string and you will have 10 times of that in a single purchase which means you’ll have 40 pieces of label in a single purchase.

What is the cost of 100 die-cut kid label stickers?

Shopping at Giftshire saves 50% of your money! Each order has been shipped with 40 pieces of kid labels that cost $16.45 USD with 50% discount. Personalized labels for kids die-cut cost $49.35 USD for 120 pieces with 50% discount.

What is the cost for a set of name labels?

Name labels are designed with personalized icon stickers. There are three different types of shapes. You’ll have 10 pieces of stripey and round, 30 pieces of rectangular stickers that cost $7,96 USD for 50 pieces in one set.

How are die cut labels different from regular stickers?

Die-cut kid labels are made in any shape with any concept while regular kid stickers are made in standard square, rectangular, round and oval.

What shapes and sizes do kid labels come in?

There you can find three different size options that you can pick and buy from our Kid label collections:

  • Small labels are typically used to tag small items such as pencil, market, eraser, keys.
  • Medium stickers are generally used for labeling notebooks, water bottles, tumblers or any electronic devices like smartphone, power bank.
  • Large size labels are used for labeling large items such as onesie backpacks, sports equipment or some other items which should require more visibility.

Are kid labels safe for kids?

As Giftshire, our kid labels are manufactured from non-toxic materials by taking into consideration the safety standards for children’s health.

Does Giftshire offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed kid labels?

Yes indeed. Giftshire offers %100 satisfaction guarantee promise for all products in the kid labels collection as it promises for all personalized gifts. If you have an issue with your order, Giftshire also provides replacement without no cost or refund.

How much is a photo sticker?

The cost of customizing a sticker with a photo depends on what size or inches you’d like to have; it starts from $7 USD, up to $16.45 USD with 50% discounts for the first time purchase. It would be the best price offering place when you’re looking for stickers.

What should I do before purchasing kid labels or stickers?

Before purchasing a kid's label or sticker, nothing is more important than a safe materials guarantee; you should ensure that the label or sticker are made from non-toxic material with no harmful chemicals.

  • Waterproof might be the secondary thing to consider because your money should be worth it.
  • Personalization and colors shouldn’t fade out so it would be good to check feedback and reviews from customers.
  • Just in case, you should check for replacement, refund or return policy and a quick customer service system if there is always someone to answer your questions at each time of the day.
  • Finally, check for discounts and special offerings for kid labels which can be a cost-effective price.

How durable are name label stickers?

Giftshire’s kid labels are so durable that a high quality kid sticker can withstand the water, even the dishwasher and washing machine which means our kid labels are strongly adhesive.

How to personalize die cut kid labels?

It’s as easy as it is fun. Click Giftshire official website, step into the kid label collection and choose die-cut stickers. Choose your type of label with shape and size options then click the personalize and add to cart button. Giftshire’s custom page will pop up on the screen; personalize the text box with your name and place the order.

What types of die cuts are available for kid stickers?

You can explore 12 different die-cut sticker sets at Giftshire with 4 different shapes and three different size options. From animals and vehicles to fruits and outer space, you can find any concept sticker art for your kids related to any theme and shape. Personalized die-cut kid stickers of 2024 are as follows:

  • Dolly dressing ballerina stickers for kids.
  • Constructions stickers for kid labels.
  • Name dinos stickers for kids.
  • Jungle stickers for kids.
  • Nautical stickers for kids.
  • Puppy stickers for kids.
  • Pinky rainbow stickers for kids.
  • Vehicle rescue stickers for kids.
  • Robo kid stickers for children.
  • Space theme stickers for kids.
  • Summer kid stickers.
  • Unicorn kid stickers.

Can kid labels be used on clothing?

Clothes can easily get mixed up in someone else’s bags so labeling clothes is an important thing to learn. Children can easily identify their belongings or read the label name but it can be a bit more difficult for babies. So label items for daycare will help them to identify their belongings. Choosing the right type of kid label for your baby or child would help them to keep track of their items.

What are the benefits of labeling children items for daycare?

Labeling children items for daycare offers many benefits to increase efficiency and reduce potential issues. Keep following to know some key features and advantages of having kid labels:

Don’t let your items mix:

Labeled items are easy to identify, even from the visual appearance.

Don’t get your items lost:

If you missed your labeled items, it would most probably return to you thanks to the personalization on the label.

Are kid labels waterproof?

Our kid labels are made of waterproof materials which is the same material as leading daycare label companies do.

How can stickers help kids prevent losing items at school?

Thanks to catchy name labels, stickers with kids’ names on it become easier to identify with a specific color and design. Items can be organized according to the same type of stickers thus children learn to keep things in order and together.

Do you print a custom photo sticker?

Yes! Custom photo stickers are popular personalized items both as personal items and unique gifts. Click into one of the best seller kid labels collection at Giftshire. Choose sticker listing with photo customization, upload your photo and choose the inches and shape you’d like your stickers to be.

What custom shapes and sizes do you have for printable stickers?

From 1.5 inches to 10 inches, you can find 7 different inches or size options to print your custom photo sticker.
    You’ll also be allowed to edit your custom sticker in 10 different custom shape:

  • Square
  • Round square
  • Rectangular
  • Round Rectangular
  • Callout
  • Round
  • Flower
  • Triangle
  • Star
  • Heart

Are kid labels able to stick on different surfaces?

Our kid labels are strong adhesive to stick on every surface like clothing, metal, wood, plastic, paper, glass, fabric, and safe for use in the dishwasher, microwave, freezer, washer and dryer.

Can kid label stickers be used as children’s birthday decor?

It can surely be! Kid stickers are such a way of entertainment to decorate a child’s birthday place and a fabulous way to adorn a kid’s birthday party. Stickers are also perfect decoration options for custom banners, cake toppers and drinkwares such as water bottles, tumblers.

Can I get a preview of the design before shipping?

Of course you can get a preview before you have your order. All you need to do is leave a note for us. You’ll see a special note section on the custom page after you finish your personalization process.

What back to school kid labels do you have?

Giftshire has 20 different back to school kid label stickers to personalize. Simplify the task of keeping track of your child’s belongings.

  • Personalized green back to school stickers for kids.
  • Custom night blue back to school stickers with stars.
  • Customized daisy themed back to school stickers.
  • Rainbow stickers for kids.
  • Summer vibe back to school stickers for children.
  • Animal concept back to school stickers for kids.
  • Pinky unicorns for back to school stickers.
  • Sea creatures back to school stickers.
  • Space concepts kid labels for back to school.
  • Vehicles stickers for back to school.