What did the ring mean to Frodo? What was the power of the ring? What was written inside of the ring? And how are all these questions related to our Leather Bracelets? Giftshire, where the most high quality leathers are crafted, is blessed with the Faux. People started to discover the power of the bracelets but they couldn’t find how to use it wisely. Then Giftshire showed up and introduced the top quality leather. It was good but not enough. There must be powerful lyrics coming from the heart. The laser engraving made its magic to embed the power of words. Whoever uses his or her words from the heart, the bearer of the bracelet will be a carrier of that person’s love. Meet our leathered bracelets; they are the perfect gift for father’s day, for your boyfriend, birthdays and anniversaries.
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Custom Leather Bracelet

Custom Leather Bracelet


What kind of leather does Giftshire use for the bracelets?

Giftshire’s leather bracelets are made from high quality faux leather.

Is the bracelet resistant to water?

Synthetic materials we use for our leather bracelets are resistant to water.

How much do Valentine's Day bracelets cost?

A lifelong message with a perfect bracelet gifts for Valentine's Day is just $18.77 USD.

How do I know If the personalized bracelet will fit?

Thanks to sliding knot feature, it will surely fit your beloved one's wrist.

Is the bracelet resistant to scratches?

Our personalized leather bracelets are fully resistant to scratches.

Why should I have a leather bracelet?

  • Leather texture’s charming effect makes you look stylish.
  • Faux Leather bracelet is well known for its durability.
  • As a long lasting adorned accessory, this leather bracelet will match your outfit.
  • Leather bracelets can be personalized with engraving which could be a lovely gift of a perfect memory.

Is it possible to personalize a bracelet?

  • All you need to do is to select your leather bracelet which may be suitable to the occasion or make a bracelet collection for every occasion.
  • After that, you should answer the question about what the bracelet is for; considering the answer, you can put a personalization with an inside message engraving.

How many different font options are there?

There you can find 12 different font options in Giftshire’s collection of Leather Bracelets.

What is the maximum number of characters that can be fitted on a bracelet?

  • There is no character restriction. The more characters the smaller font size you’ll get.
  • Thanks to our better engraving, we can engrave two lines without ruining the material and shape.

How can a leather bracelet be engraved?

Our laser technology doesn’t burn the material. The engraving feels like turning the inside color into a text message. In this way, we protect the material itself as it is and the inside engraving never fades.

How many different symbols can I use on the leather bracelet?

There are 18 different symbol icons that you can customize. We compiled some of them for you to able to give you an idea:

  • Star icon; the symbol of shining sky.
  • HollowStar icon; the icon star, includes only from strokes. Strength and courage.
  • Flag icon, which is composed of stars and stripes.
  • Danger icon; the symbol of skull and bone for those people who like thrilling.
  • HeartBeat icon; Let people see your glowing symbol of heartbeat.
  • Intertwined Heart icon; Show your loved one’s heart will be always by your side.
  • Paw icon; You’re the lover of animals or you may be a pet owner.
  • Anchor icon; People who like the sea will love it to be engraved on bracelets.
  • Cross icon; Whether it’s your self expression of your belief or not, Cross icon is a favorite symbol for most people.
  • Arrow icon; Whether you like to draw a bow and shoot arrows or it’s an attraction to Hawkeye or Legolas, this arrow icon will perfectly fit on your leather bracelets.
  • Ying-Yang icon; The relationship between two contrasts; the negativity and positivity of life, day and night.
  • Infinity icon; it looks like the horizontal form of the number 8. Let your loved one know that your bond is infinite.
  • Rock icon; You’re always ready to be there to rock like a hurricane, concert to concert.
  • Peace icon; the symbol combined with different cultures and context

How many different size options are available for the bracelets?

There is no size category for our bracelets; thanks to the sliding knot, our leather bracelets will be suitable for everyone.

Should I buy a leather bracelet gift for my boyfriend?

  • It can be so hard to find a suitable bracelet gift for him but men like a good leather for their wrists.
  • Our vivid colored leather bracelets will look so stylish that your boyfriend will love it.
  • Wait for him to see the inside message you customize.
  • If there is any symbol of icon that he may like, add one icon too.

Which leather bracelet would be an ideal gift choice for father’s day?

  • Our personalized faux leather bracelets are the best choice for your father’s day gift because there is a strong sense of masculinity on its aura. So choose the best color option or your favorite color and stylish font option to make it more stylish.
  • The inside message that you put on the leather will be a memorable and cherished text.
  • Think about whenever he looks at the message; This bracelet will be like a power of endurance for him against difficulties.

What kind of hidden messages can be engraved inside the leather bracelet?

  • The message you want to give may be depend on the personality of the person that you’ll present.
  • This leather bracelet can be a power of endurance for him against difficulties in life. Write a meaning quote to remind him to never give up.
  • Whenever he feels devastating and stares into space, he will clap eyes on lovely leather bracelet gifts. Then he will remember the message inside of it. What do you think he will do? he’s going to read the inside message of the bracelet and may be relieved.
  • He misses you so much that there must be a lovely reminder, something else from a photo or phone call when you’re away. Buy him such an elegant bracelet but do not forget to write a meaningful message that he can remember you always when he wears his leather bracelet.
  • Write your names linked with any meaningful icon, add your memorable date.

How many different color options are available for the leather bracelets?

Giftshire presents its leather bracelets in four color options such as black, brown, burgundy, navy blue.

What are the examples for the inside message that can be engraved on the leather bracelets?

  • I love you to the moon and back.
  • Happy anniversary my love.
  • Happy birthday dad, I love you.
  • Dad, stay safe at work. Your family loves you more than anything.
  • 9/15/2023, Brad <3 Jessica, - forever, together-
  • To my love, Know that I love you, I hope you believe like I believed in you.
  • With god all things are possible -Matthew 19:26-
  • If home is a place where my heart is, then I am home with you.
  • I never thought I’d meet a person like you.
  • IX . XI . MMXVIII - E <3 M
  • I may be a little late to be your first but I want to be the last one.
  • Even If we’re far away from each other, it’s good to be loved by you.
  • The hell with you would be a reward to me but the heaven without you would be exile.
  • You’re my sunshine.
  • Never give up, you are my rock!
  • Family is everything you need. We’ll always be there for you.
  • You’re my soulmate, the best friend I ever had and my greatest love.