Embrace the warmth and soothing touch with our Personalized Blanket and let the stress out of your body because it’s time to promote your good night sleeping to the peaceful night sleeping. From chilly winter days to breezy summer nights, the Premium Flannel Fabric Blanket provides a perfect balance of coziness and breathability. Our Custom Blankets are not only for snuggling, they are also one of the latest must-have items with a variety of design, color and font options. Introducing our Personalized Baby Blanket, Personalized Embroidery Blanket, Kid Blanket, Adult Blanket and Pet Blanket with the best design and theme options like Word art, name and photos.
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Custom Mom Blanket with Photo-Gift for Mom

Custom Mom Blanket with Photo-Gift for Mom

$22.46 – $51.26
Personalized Embroidered Baby Blanket

Personalized Embroidered Baby Blanket

Personalized Photo Mom Blanket

Personalized Photo Mom Blanket

$22.46 – $51.26
Custom Mama Bear Blanket

Custom Mama Bear Blanket

$22.46 – $51.26
Custom Love You Mom Blanket

Custom Love You Mom Blanket

$40.46 – $51.26
Custom Graduation Blanket

Custom Graduation Blanket

$22.46 – $51.26

Can I add a photo on Blanket?

Of course! You can add any picture on your Custom Photo Blanket Design.

How many blanket concepts are there?

There are lots of custom blanket concepts with baby theme blanket, sister theme blanket, kid theme blanket, mom theme blanket, dad theme blanket, couple theme blanket, Christmas theme blanket, pet theme blanket.

How much money should I purchase for a mom blanket?

No need to waste your time and money because Giftshire offers a 50% discount only special for Mother’s Day and also customer friendly custom page which means that your personalization will be seen simultaneously.

How much does a photo blanket cost?

The cost of a blanket changes by the size of your choice: All personalized blankets are 50% discounts which means you’ll save 50% of your money.

  • You’ll be charged $22.46 USD for small size blankets.
  • Medium size blankets are charged for $40.46 USD.
  • Large size blankets are $52.26 USD.

Does the cost of personalization same for all items?

Yes, it’s free of charge. Gitshire takes no money for the service of personalization.

What is the most popular blanket design?

Here is the personalized blanket with name designs, crafted in frame, rectangular and heart shapes with both vertical and horizontal transforming, will be sure to warm your family, wrap your loved one up with love and bring smiles to your children’s faces.

Should I buy a blanket for my girlfriend?

You surely want to celebrate little moments of love together with the Couple Blanket, right? It feels more than a blanket which carries warmth and comfort, providing a smooth touch and a sweet gesture that you’ll put on her face.She will remember you every time, day and night she snuggles up because your care and love will be wrapped around her when you’re not by her side.

So yes, You should make your own personalized couple blanket for your girlfriend.

Are blankets pet-friendly?

The manufacturing methods are important to prevent any potential harm to our furry friends.
This personalized pet blanket provides a cozy and harmless experience for loved ones. This may be a better time to memorialize the fellowship between you and your precious furry friend. Choose a personalized blanket with paw print or photo, add an extra touch of charm.

What factors affect the price of blankets?

The sizes and design features can change the price of blankets.

How much money is a baby blanket?

Baby blankets are $22.46 USD with free personalization service. There is one standard size baby blanket. You’ll be charged 50% discounted price but once you join the Giftshire, extra discount will be in the next breath.

What are popular design options for a graduation blanket?

Whether it’s just text or text with a graduation photo, there will be no extra charge for the choice of your design; your name and class of date will be shown on the blankets.

How many blanket sizes are there?

Our custom blankets are available in three different size offerings:

  • The Small Blanket measures 30” x 40” which is a perfect blanket size for babies.
  • The Medium Blanket measures 40” x 60”.
  • The Large Blanket measures 60” x 80” which is reasonable for a twin size blanket.

What is an Embroidery Blanket?

  • Embroidery Blanket is a technique that we’ve been using to serve with the best interest trying to find out our customers’ demand.
  • Embroidery is a perfect option for clothing items and accessories that we offer which includes at least seven thread colors and ten icons.
  • Our Personalized Embroidery Blanket can be customized with a text, graphic or any logo that you may choose among our print ready designs or you may send your own.

What is the setting to wash blankets?

You can machine-wash your blanket in settings for 40°C.

What makes a blanket so special for babies?

With the high-quality materials it crafted, the premium fabric ensures your little sweetheart experiences sweet dreams. As we care about our customer satisfaction, you'll appreciate its durability that years later, when reminiscing with your child, you’ll notice that this blanket hasn’t lost its charm. Gather memories for your child to share. The most precious thing for a child is to know that they’re loved.