Notebooks & Journals

Remember your all daily notes and organize yourself with our Customized Notebooks & Journal collections. Each product is designed to reflect your own style and your individuality. This Notebook collection is a versatile and timeless collection where you can organize your daily plans and note your feelings on a daily basis. Choose your favorite design and customize it with your own information. Make your difference with your Notebook and complete your day in order. Don't miss the chance to get a one. The collection is limited.

What is a Custom Notebook & Journal?

Custom Notebook & Journal are leather made of notebooks that can be customized it with your personal information by choosing your favorite design. Each design is created to reflect your own style and your character.  These journals are not only here to complete your outfit, but also organize your daily plan and your notes to yourself. With numerous designs and color options, this collection allows you to give one the easiest and the best gifts for your loved ones.

Can I Buy a Notebook for My Partner or for My Teacher?

This is one of the best gift ideas for our teachers and our Partners. As they are close people in our lives, it is important to give them gifts on important days to remember their spiritual values and to remind them of their place in our lives. Our notebooks are the right choice for teachers so that they remember your gift every time they take a note.

Is a Custom Notebook a good gift for Birthday?

Birthdays have significant importance for people’s psychology. Every person wants their loved ones to be remembered with the right gift options. Although notebooks may seem like a simple gift at first glance, they contain a hidden meaning. Notebooks are not only papers used for taking notes but also our secret keepers. Based on this idea, we can say that the notebook is a good gift idea for birthdays.

How Many Designs Can I Find?

At Giftshire, before our new creations and collections, our design team does field research for the customer's demands. For our Notebooks & Journal series, we have 7 different designs that have been created for our valuable customers to reflect their styles and characters. Our designs offer designs for those who love flowers, initials, monograms, names, and adventure. 

How Many Color Options Can I Find?

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Chestnut
  • Gray
  • Pink
  • Rustic
  • Frost Green colors are available on the design chart. In addition, our Birth Floral design

Notebooks have;

  • White
  • Soft Pink colors as options.

What are the sizes and How Many Pages Notebooks Have?

Our Notebooks produced 5 Inches Wide- 8 Inches Long with 112 Lined Pages to write on. 

Is Personalized Journal Suitable for Travel?

The answer is absolutely yes! Our Personalized Notebooks have great compact size that can be fitted everywhere for your Lap Top Bag, Bag Pack, and even for your small shelves. 

What Kind of Service Can I Find After Sales?

Giftshire has multiple services that you can contact at any time. If you have multiple orders, for the order process, our customer service team will contact you to provide the best prices. During the shipment, you will be notified by the team if there are any delays. When you receive the shipment, in case of any problem you encounter, you will have the chance to get a replacement or refund according to your demands. Giftshire will be your partner from the beginning to the end.

Is there any memorial impact for Custom Notebook?

It depends on your relationship with the person with whom you have a relationship. As a general idea, we can say that Notebooks are diaries for people where they can write down their emotions, their secrets, and also their future plans. If we think in this way, we can easily say that Custom Notebooks have both a Memorial impact and an emotional impact.

Are Customized Notebooks just to take some small notes or daily plans?

Our Customized Notebooks are designed to be as versatile as our all products. Each design has hidden messages to reflect your character that you can show off with. These Notebooks can allow you to be a reminder of your daily plans, a daily companion for your life, or a great gift to write down your memories.

How to protect the design of my Personalized Notebook?

Here are some tips to share with you to protect the quality of the product:

  • Clean the dust off your notebooks with a dry cloth.
  • Do not tear the papers when you need them. You might damage the completeness of the product.
  • Prevent from direct sunlight.
  • Prevent from rain.
  • Do not put heavy weights on your notebooks.

How to buy Custom Journal?

  • Choose your favorite design
  • Go further step Add to Chart & Personalize
  • Insert your information according to the design
  • Choose the payment system
  • Complete your order

Can I have a discount for my First Order?

As a general company policy, we provide a 10 % discount for our valuable customer for the first orders.

Can you provide me the shipping costs?
  • Expedited:0lb-5lb - $ 14.99 Usd
  • Standart: $50.00 and up- Free
  • Standard: 0lb-1lb Free
  • Standard: 1lb-5lb Free
  • Standard: - 3 to 4 business days Free