Cake Toppers

Over the years, wedding cake toppers have become a trend with its unique style and high quality personalization service. Giftshire sets the toppers high with customized monograms, silhouettes and occasional designs. Choosing the right cake topper may be challenging so Giftshire has compiled the best trendy cake toppers of 2024. Scroll down to explore trend toppers.
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Custom Cake Topper, Gift for Graduation

Custom Cake Topper, Gift for Graduation

$11.95 – $18.95

Are cake toppers on cake edible?

Edible cake toppers are mostly made from gum paste, edible paper, chocolate or candy. Giftshire’s cake toppers are just a decoration item, they’re not edible.

Are cake toppers customizable gifts?

Yes, cake toppers are customizable and amazing item gifts for cakes with free personalization service. At Giftshire you can find thematic and custom cake topper designs with personalized texts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other celebrities.

Why are cakes decorated with cake toppers?

Cakes are related with celebrations and again related to special occasions such as birthdays, wedding or anniversaries and graduations. Decoration helps to bring the special occasion into the forefront with the theme and mood of the event, adding a festive atmosphere. Motifs like hearts and flowers hold symbolic meaning and common cake topper preferences.

What is the purpose of cake toppers?

Decorative cake toppers are primary elements to enhance the look of a cake. Cake toppers are personalized showcases with names, initials and significant dates which add a personal touch making the occasion more meaningful.

How can I find a suitable cake topper?

To meet with a suitable cake topper, you should identify the purpose of the cake for what occasion you’re about to purchase. Then explore the theme or look for any personal preferences if you have ideas and know your budget limit.

What occasion are cake toppers meant for?

Cake toppers are used for a wide range of purposes and celebrations:

  • Wedding cake toppers symbolize the expression of love with the bride and groom figurines, heart, floral and initial designs.
  • Birthday cake toppers are suitable for all ages with different concept designs.
  • Graduation cake toppers are a perfect gift for the symbol of achievement to put on a celebration cake.
  • For religious celebrations, cake toppers are could be a perfect housewarming gift to give and celebrate a special event or day with a cake such as baptisms, communions etc.
  • Celebration for a milestone or anniversary; decorate your cake with a metallic or glitter cake topper.

What materials are cake toppers made of?

At Giftshire, cake toppers are made from two different materials including acrylic and wood type material.

  • Acrylic cake toppers are well known for their lightweight and durability. Acrylic cake toppers come in different types of color and form in terms of customer’s customization preferences.
  • Wood cake toppers are made of sturdy materials and reusable for multiple times and occasions. Wooden cake toppers also offer a rustic and natural look with a laser precise cut and engraving.

Is a cake topper reusable?

  • Acrylic, wood and metallic materials can be reusable if handled and stored properly. You can wipe your cake topper with a damp cloth after every use and store it in a safe place to prevent damage.
  • Ceramic, porcelain or clay are not recommended as suitable for reuse as they can be easily broken.

What are discount opportunities on personalized cake toppers?

Shop at Giftshire to catch promotional sales, coupon code, seasonal sales, sign-up offers and endless discounts:

  • If this is your first time at Giftshire, sign-up to receive a discount on a first gift purchase of a personalized cake topper.
  • Set your alarm to take advantage of seasonal sale offers on events such as Black Friday and special occasion promotions.
  • Each purchase at Giftshire with your signed up account will earn you a permanent discount to use for your next purchase. Don’t forget to keep track and add your favorite collections to your wishlist to trigger discounts.

What if my cake topper is delivered but not?

We’ve never left our customers in a difficult situation. If there is any issue or delay with the delivery here you can follow some steps:

  • Check the status of the shipment; If somethings seem not proper,
  • You can drop us a message about what issue you’re having currently from Giftshire. Our customer support team will be back in time or,
  • You can call our customer support team if you wish instead of texting.

What if my cake topper is delivered broken?

Take your order’s photo and send it to us. You can drop a message from Giftshire or send an email directly. Please check our replacement and refund policies. Here are the ways you may follow with your customer support specialist:

  • You may request replacement without any cost.
  • You may request a refund.
  • On replacement, you are also free to ask for updates or changes as our personalization service is free.

How to choose the right cake topper for the wedding?

Cake topper would be on top of wedding cake so it should symbolize with a design and motifs that holds a meaning which can be included heart, infinity symbol, flower or any icon that represents love.

What popular wedding cake toppers are there for weddings?

A crown of a celebration cake will be a good match your cake; Bride and groom silhouette wedding cake topper symbolizes the togetherness of the couples and adds excellent touch to the wedding cake.

How Should I place my cake topper on a cake?

Be sure that your cake is fully prepared and ready for presentation before adding a decorative element. Decide where you want to place your cake topper on the cake. Most people prefer to place it right on top centered.

Which cake topper should I buy for the birthday cake?

At Giftshire, you can find age-specific toppers for milestone birthdays, for example “50 and fabulous” and “sweet 16” or happy birthdays toppers.

How to purchase a graduation cake topper?

Graduation toppers with cap and class of 2024 cake toppers are available at Giftshire. Select your cake topper at Giftshire among cake topper collections to celebrate the graduation and decorate the graduation cake.

What is a traditional cake topper?

Traditional cake toppers can be made with both acrylic and wooden plaque. Traditional cake toppers are featured with a bride and groom figure that is placed on the of the cake. You can find more personalized wedding theme cake topper designs in the collection.

Do you offer personalized wedding cake toppers?

Such a cool way to add personal touch to your wedding day and leave memorable keepsakes for anniversaries.

Do you customize monogram or initial cake toppers?

Yes! Giftshire, as one of the most popular marketplace, offers monogram and initial made cake topper designs. This site offers various personalized items including cake toppers that can be customized as customer wishes.

Is there any floral cake topper for flower cake decoration?

Giftshire, one of the popular cake decorating stores, focuses on floral cake topper design for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

How are cake toppers made?

At Giftshire, cake toppers are made from acrylic sheets or wooden panels. A laser cut machine or CNC router will follow through on a precise smooth cut with pathfinding.
First, designs are created and your personalization details are applied to the product. Then the cutting process will be performed. Then edge smooth and surface polish are carried out.

Can I get a proof before shipping?

Yes, you can offer proof before shipping. To request proof, you should complete your purchase transaction, you’ll find a note that you can add to see a proof. One of our customer support specialists will contact you in time as a digital version of a preview.

How do cake toppers help businesses advertise?

Decorating cake topper is a gift of art that may allow bakers and cake decorators to demonstrate their skills and talent. It serves a symbolic purpose; to create emotional significance, to set a cultural connection or to celebrate an occasion.

How do I get a discount on a specific collection?

At Giftshire, adding a collection to your wishlist may trigger discounts of opportunity.