Custom Cake Topper, Gift for Graduation


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Complete your Graduation Party with Small Touches!

Graduation is one of the most important steps in our lives. We always want every detail to be perfect. As we all know, there are many details to make Graduation parties complete and unforgettable. The concept, the food, the drinks, the place and the people. But perfection is hidden behind the small details. Our elegant Custom Cake Topper was created to turn your cake into a small show.
Choose your theme, color, customize it with your name and graduation date. Feel the difference and enjoy the party.

What is Custom Cake Topper?

Custom Cake Topper are decorations for the top of your cakes made of Wood, Glitter, Mirrorand Solid materials. You can choose the material and colors from the tables. You can customize it with your name and graduation date.

How Many Colors Can I Find for My Party?

Our color cards consist of 11 colors. Each color has a color according to the material.

For Glitter Material: Gold & Silver
For Wooden Material: Plywood, Walnut & Cherry
For Mirror Material: Gold, Silver & Rose
For Solid Material: Black, Royal Blue & White


What is the production process of the Custom Graduation Cake Topper?

According to your order, the material is cleaned and toppers are cut using a UV laser system.

Can I Use My Cake Topper Second Time after the Party?

As with every product we produce, we offer you long-term use. However, the date of the cake topper should be taken into consideration. Perhaps the year you graduated, if you have an idea to have a double party, your answer will be yes. After cleaning your cake topper with a dry towel, wash it with warm water. Please avoid using cleaners to protect the glittery ones.

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Glitter Acrylic, Mirrored Acrylic, Solid Color, Wood