Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a day, full of excitement, joy and wonder in your heart for the next step in your life. This day will always have essential place in your memory and heart. To transform that day into a living moment for your future is possible with the personalized charmings. Our personalized Wedding Gifts collection is designed for you to create the most memorable gifts for your home. Whether buy for your own wedding to make your partner happy or gift your best friend’s organization, this collection is suitable for both. Our collection includes Customized Champagne Flutes, Elegant Decanter Sets, Personalized Flasks and Wedding Guest Books. This collection will provide you best decor for your home for a lifetime.

What kind of gift ideas can be traditional?

It is a common belief that buying a gift always difficult. But some occasions are even more difficult than others. Gifting a wedding gift to the couple, or a gift to your partner is a true struggle. In today’s world, every event has their own concepts regarding to couple’s interests, we might feel confused about what to buy. But believe or not, traditional ideas are key for that. Traditional ideas have immortal meanings and protect themselves from being forgotten.In order to that reason to be remembered in the far future and have a touch of meaning and personalization, you should visit our collection of Customized Champagne Flutes, Wooden Couple Sign will be perfect match for this case.

Who do you buy wedding gifts for? /Are you a Bride Team or a Groom Team?

Wedding is a such an amazing day to remember all the time. But preparations are too stressful to handle. As a friend, we need to consider couple’s situation and take some responsibility.  Making some small touches to complete wedding needs will make the day unforgettable. Here we present collections of Customized Knives and Customized Flasks for the Groomsmen team are options might be added to the list.
We also remember the Bridesmaids. To see the most elegant pieces to complete that important day in such a stylish and customized way, please see our Customized Bride Tumblers and Custom photo pillows.

Is it okay to buy a friend a 50$ gift for the wedding?

Gifts have importance of being a sign of the moments and soft touch of the heart. However, we might not have affordability for such cases all the time. In that time as Giftshire, we will not let you down.This collection will provide the various options with good prices and satisfy your couple satisfied. Gifts between 25$ / 50$

What kind of gifts might be unique for a wedding?

First of all, we need to define the word 'UNIQUE'. Gifting is a meaningful activity that even a small thing may touch our hearts. However, being special and unforgettable makes the difference. Uniqueness is hidden under individuality. So, considering personalization is related to being unique, Customized gift options can be perfect choices.  

What should a gift card contain as content?

A gift card is a complimentary item for the gifting activity. If you want to gift somebody who has deeply importance to you, the finishing should be flawless. Make a note with short but effective sentences and put your emotions including mystery a bit. Be an unforgettable gift-gifter of all the time.

How can ı get the discount coupon?

At Giftshire we are glad to announce to our visitors, that for the first time orders, you will have a 10% discount in your box.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying gifts for a wedding?

Living in the 21st century has both struggles and facilities. After a long workday, you don't have to go somewhere physically to buy a Gift for your friend or for your wedding. Knowing what you exactly want or the type at least and searching will be enough and the system will bring many options before you. However, some occasions like Wedding or Anniversary are too risky to do so. Imagine that one of the most important customized items are broken or wrong information. For that kind of situation at Giftshire, Giftshire double check and well-packet to all items that you will never regret to order.

How much should I Pay for shipping?

Expedited:0lb-5lb - $ 14.99 Usd
Standard: $50.00 and up Free
Standard: 0lb-1lb Free
Standard: 1lb-5lb Free
Standard: - 3 to 4 business days Free