Custom Stanley Name Tag

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Copestone For Presents

  • Birthday Celebrations: Put your final and personal touch to a personalized stanley name plate. You’ve got a Stanley tumbler gift for a birthday celebration so how about to go further for one more touch that you can bring colorful aurora with a Personalized uv Name Tag.

  • A Cheering Gift for a Friend: Do you think that it’s hard to give a friend a present? It may be a name draw for a new year gift event, congratulations gift for his/her new job or welcome gift for a newcomer. All you need to know is his or her name as a personalization detail for the UV Name Tag.

Mother’s Day

It looks like you chose a wonderful tumbler gift for your Mom’s Day. A thoughtful Stanley Tumbler gift for your mother can also be personalized double time which means that you can double your impression this Mother’s Day.

Know Your Tumbler

The traffic of routine life may be tough some days. You can forget and lose your items somewhere that it’s not exist anymore. The first thing you would do is probably go to the lost property office and you can not know how many Tumblers that you’ll find out there in the same color as yours but you can know when your Custom Uv Name Tag is attached onto your Tumbler’s Lid. It will be remarkable at first sight thanks to the unique design with vibrant colors and then you’ll know your tumbler from the name tag.

Choose Name Tag Size

  • Our name tags are available with 20 oz, 30 oz and 40 oz size options.

Tag it or Decorate

Believe it or not; If you are the one who likes to decorate items you’ve had or the one of people who likes functionality with simplicity. There 20 different background choices for UV Stanley Cup Name Tag.

  • Solid Color Name Tags are designed for those people who like the functionality over decorativeness.

  • Watercolor Name Tags are prepared for people who like watercolor painting forms which consist of different tones of a specific color using brush strokes. This painting style is familiar from our childhood painting class so it’s also a perfect kids name tag.

  • Big Spot Color Name Tags are designed by taking into consideration combining different harmonic colors such as blue, purple and pink. The personalization you’d put on your Stanley Name Lid Tag will blow up with supporting vivid background themes.

  • Splash Color Name Tags are painted based on the color consistency. The different colors with distant brush strokes reveal the chaotic transition of colors but the vividness of warm colors will cheer up your mood with the personalization you’ll add on your UV Cup Name Tags.

  • Ray Beam Color Name Tags are formed from the RGB color wheel. The smoothness of the Ray Beam Tags are also decorated with tiny small vibrant particles.

  • Rainbow Star Name Tags are the unique design which is filled with star sign and star dust. Your name will rise like a star

  • If you’re the one who follows the simplicity, you can get your Stanley Name Tag putting a solid background color and start to personalize it with your name.

Personalized Font Styles

Explore customized UV Tag Name fonts; Each font options are designed by our professional designers considering the harmony with every single design option.

UV Printed Lid Tag
What makes the UV Printing is so special that we’re using inks and afterwards applying the drying process contrary to traditional printing. Another difference is that we’re not using Led Light technology instead of heating.

Additional Information

20 OZ, 30 OZ, 40 OZ