Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving is a time to come together as a family, reflection of gratitude and respect for the blessings in our lives. Filling our hearts with such a sense of blessing reflects what we have in our souls for the God’s giving. This year Giftshire, we will make your Thanksgiving better with the new collection. This collection will give you the touch of personalization that you will feel special all year round. Surprise your mother with with our Welcome Door Sign, Elevate your father’s drinking experience with the custom Decanter Set, stop thinking about what to buy for the elders here there is our engraved Cutting Boards. Make your choice and share the love with your lovely ones.

What is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Day, annually celebrated national holiday in the United States and Canada when celebrating blessings of the past year. Moreover, it means reflection of respects, gratitude to God.

When is Thanksgiving?

In general acceptance thanksgiving is a day when is celebrated every 4th Thursday of November every year.

What do people generally buy for Thanksgiving?

Americans are tend to shop eccesively on Thanksgiving. According to the reports they spent around 5.6$ on things like clothes, jewelry,electronics and toys.

What can ı get for my family for this Thanksgiving?

Family gatherings are one of most positive activities of all time. On such a blessed day, we strongly suggest you to check our Thanksgiving Gifts collection. This collection includes, highest quality home decors, elegant personalized goods. This season bring to your home modern understanding of give gifting.

What are the simple gifts for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a day to remind ourselves how we should proud for the God’s blessings. Being plain and humble have the same reflection to this day. We may buy flowers small house decors or giftbaskets.

Is that a must to buy a gift more than 50$?

You shouldn’t push yourself to think what you have in your pockets. Gifting is heartwarming activity, shouldn’t be stressful. This year relax yourself and see our collection  Gifts between 25$-50$.

What is the importance of the gift cards for Thanksgiving presents?

Gift card is a cherry on the top of the cake. Gifting someone, is a touching activity. However, transforming a gift to the unforgettable perfection, a gift card is must to be added with a simple note.

Are there any discounts or coupons for Thanksgiving gifts?

As Giftshire we never let you down for the special days. For our first-time customers, you will have % 10 discount in your box. Dont this this chance!

Is that safe to order online  gift for Thanksgiving?

Online shopping has always have two sides. However, As Giftshire we are not ordinary partner for you, your orders will be prepared carefully and packed safely. In case of any defect in your product, our company will replace it immediately.