Liquor Flasks

Make your wedding day the most enjoyable day in your life! Giftshire has created one of the greatest collections of all time. Customized Liquor Flask collection is here to change your team’s mood on your wedding day. Delight your team members with our stylish compliments. These flasks have many options to suit your teams such as Metal, Wood, Leather materials that interest you.

What is Liquor Flask?

Liquor Flask is a great complement to your suits and one of the greatest gift ideas for your wedding day. Each flask is designed to complete your groomsmen team and make your loved ones relaxed in stressful times. This flask will also be a great reminder of your wedding day to your friend and your beautiful moments will stay with them forever.

Can I Buy Liquor Flask as a Birthday Gift?

As Giftshire, we have different designs that can also be super compatible with Birthdays. We can sincerely offer first design flasks and great gift box that you won't feel picky about.

What Kind of Materials are Used During Production of Liquor Flasks?

Our Custom Liquor Flasks are made of stainless steel material for you to use for a long time. Each flask is designed to be used as elegant complement whether for wedding day or any other special occasions.

What Kind of Designs Can I Find on the Page?

Our collection is designed to appeal to a wide range of uses. Most of the designs are designed for the wedding collection, but we also have creations for other special occasions such as Birthdays, Retirement Gifts or Father's Day. These designs feature initials, monograms or wedding day information.

How Many oz or Sizes are available?

We have created 2 different models of the flasks.

  • Thin Flasks
  • Wide Looking Flasks

 Two models are 6 oz as it is accepted common use around the world.

Do the Liquor Flasks have memorial effect as a gift?

The answer is yes! Our Liquor collection is not just flask to keep your drinks and also reminder of the one the greatest day in the life. Groomsman designed flasks have titles, names and the wedding date that reminds the bittersweet moments.

Can I See My Flask Before Shipping?

Yes! When you choose your design and send your information, you can see the final version of your flask before shipping. After checking your information, you can add a gift box for you. 

Can I Keep Hot Beverages inside my Flask?

Our customized flasks are designed to store cold beverages. However, you may also keep hot wine, warm liquor or other warm beverages that you would like to keep.

How Can I Clean My Flask?

Clean your flask with warm water and mild cleaning products. Do not wash your flask in washing machine in order to protect your engraving.

Will I Get Any Discount for My First Order?

As Gifshire, we never let our customers down. We offer 10% discount for your first order.

May I Have Special Prices for My Bulk Orders?

As our flasks have wedding collection that you might need flasks for your whole team members.
According to your order, our customer service team will check the prices for you. In order to offer you best prices, it is better to order more quantites at once. Each flask will be packed carefully and in elegant box so you dont need to think how you gift them.