Engraved Knives & Multitools

Engraved knives are fantastic gifts for knife enthusiasts for outdoor activities like camping, hiking or climbing and more. When selecting an engraved knife or multitool for your dad or loved one for a specific occasion consider the recipient’s interests and needs. Scroll down to explore our high quality knives collections in a broad sense of personalization options.
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What materials are commonly used to craft a knife?

Knives can be crafted from a variety of materials such as carbon steel, titanium, ceramic, plastic and stainless steel. Each of them has its own unique features both advantages and disadvantages.

At Giftshire, Stainless steel is a must-have material for knife blades because of its corrosion resistance, durability, and care. Wooden handles are also important material for comfortable grip, longevity, functionality and good engraving result.

What includes a multitool knife?

A multi tool knife with various tools is designed to provide versatility for multi way tasks. While other knives can vary on model, brand and color, multi tool knives additionally include different types of components.

If you decide to buy a personalized multitool knife, you'll also be able to have attachments such as scissors, knife, bottle opener, corkscrew, screwdriver, file, key chain.

Why do people engrave icons such as deer or wolf on knives?

Icons can symbolize and indicate a person’s preferences, a culture’s significance or special meaning of any gift. Deer and wolves can be identified with strong meanings. Deer are associated with agility, while wolves are associated with the symbol of strength and loyalty. Deer and wolves are somehow connected to nature. Engraving their icons on knives may be for people who like hunting, camping or any other outdoor activities.

What makes a knife suitable for a groomsman?

Knives with engraved customization serve as a meaningful and functional tool for the appreciation of their support. Gift boxes for knives could be a polished presentation to enhance gift giving experience. Moreover a groomsman knife reflects a meaningful connection to the owner of the wedding.

Why are personalized knives ideal wedding gifts for couples?

Knives are more than just a gift which also means strength and protection. They symbolize a couple’s bond and relationship. Groomsman knives with engraved couple’s names, wedding date and special message will be a memorable wedding gift for years because the recipients are also the chosen peoples by groom and bride that shows honorary members. Or as a guest, personalized knives you’re about to bring into the wedding as a gift for both groom and bride will be a cherished gift and worthy to remember the day they’re bond.

What makes an engraved knife a thoughtful Christmas gift?

Christmas is the time for enhancing gift giving and elevating emotions with your loved ones together. By giving a gift like an engraved knife would be a lasting keepsake to commemorate the bond you share. Gifting an engraved knife at Christmas is also a wish for the recipient with love and beyond. You can put a meaningful icon for the recipient, personalize it with names and important messages. Knife is not just a tool to cut or slice something, it’s a keepsake and a symbol of unity.

What role do engraved knives play on Father’s Day?

Besides knives being associated with strength and protection, they can symbolize appreciation for the father’s role as a protector and provider in the family. They’re also useful for outdoor activities like camping, hunting, fishing or a good collection.

Why is a groomsman bowtie icon engraved on knives?

The bowtie icon is a formal symbol which is worn by groomsmen at weddings. This icon will add a sophisticated touch of elegance to your groomsmen which is available in sets of 3, 6 and 10 in company with a gift box. The meaning serves as a reminder of the special occasion you attended as a groomsman. Engraving it on a knife makes the moment memorable with physical keepsake for the recipients.

What is the importance of a personalized knife hold for the father of the bride or groom?

The significance of a title with father of the groom or bride can hold a special meaning, which can also be given by bride and groom or participants as a guest, for a special occasion such as wedding ceremonies. Giving a knife is a cultural action that symbolizes the continuation of family tradition.

What are the benefits of laser engraving technology compared to traditional progress?

Laser engraving allows for precise and accurate engraving results which is a pretty difficult process to achieve with traditional engraving methods because it relies on manual technique using mechanical tools. Laser engraving is faster and more efficient than traditional methods because once the design is programmed into the laser machine, engraving will be done automatically with a high speed production process. Compared to traditional methods, laser technology is environmentally friendly while traditional methods contain chemicals or excessive waste of sources and materials.

Why do people want a trophy icon engraved on a knife?

A trophy icon that is engraved on a knife symbolizes achievement so it may be a good gift choice which can be given to someone who has achieved success in a particular field or event.

This trophy icon with engraved knife could be a victory gift for the competition of cooking, hunting or any other challenges. Some people may prefer to have an engraved trophy icon on knives as a personal motivation. It can serve as a reminder of past achievements or ignition for future goals.

What type of knife blade is preferable?

It sometimes depends on personal preferences but here you can learn some common types of blade:

Plain Edge:

A straight edge blade is simply straight and smooth which is ideal for slicing fruits or vegetables as a kitchen task.

Sawlike Edge Blade:

This type of blade has small jagged teeth which is an excellent tool for slicing bread, tomatoes or tough-surface fruits.

Drop Point Blade:

It has a convex curve on the spine of the blade going through to the sharp point.

Clip Point Blade:

This kind of design may be commonly seen in many pocket knives.

Why do people customize engraved knives with country flag icons?

For some people, a country's flag demonstrates love for their country which can be understandable from the point of national pride. Engraving a country flag icon on a knife can be a way of cultural identity to honor the heritage. For some segments, it’s a motivation to their commitment for those with members of the military.

What makes a knife with an engraved horseshoe icon?

In many cultures, horseshoes are considered as a symbol of luck and good fortune for bringing a positive energy. In some aspects, engraving a horseshoe icon on a knife could be a Western charm which also makes the knife look attractive. The horseshoe icon would most probably be important among persons who have interests in horse-related professions.

What makes an engraved knife suitable for a knife with a campfire icon?

The campfire icon symbolizes outdoor activities such as camping trips or spending time in nature. Engraving a campfire icon on knives may evoke feelings and memories worthy to remember for years. It’s also an essential tool for camping and relatable for having a campfire icon on it which can also serve multiple purposes such as cutting rope, slicing foods. Additionally campfire memories will pop up whenever you turn your point of view through your campfire engraved, personalized knife.

What factors can be considered choosing engraved knives for guests at a wedding?

  • Think about your budget for a price range that can be affordable for you. Consider how many guests will be participating in the wedding because our personalized knives come with a single piece, set of 3, set of 6 and set of 10 purchasable options.
  • Considering the wedding or the recipients, you can choose the type of knife according to the wooden handle, font style and icon or groomsmen designs.
  • ou can customize knives with initials, wedding date, groomsmen titles, making them unique for each person together with a gift box.
  • Focus on presentation which is as important as the gift itself. You can package your knife with an attractive gift box that we can provide for each person even for your multiple purchase.

Why do people engraved groomsmen on knives?

Engraving groomsmen on knives is a symbol of a specific role at a wedding ceremony or party. It also shows a great appreciation for their participation and support in a couple’s wedding ceremony. Engraved knives with groomsmen is also an unforgettable keepsake for the person who is attended to the groomsmen status which is also a practical gift.

What are some Christmas gift ideas for knife enthusiasts?

Knife sharpening items like sharpening stones can help to maintain knives' condition. A gift box with a foam pad to store your knife would be a safety case to carry it.

What can I get for a Christmas knife set?

Get a personalized knife set for the recipient’s kitchen. A Cutting board with a knife set could be a meaningful gift for Christmas both functional and special to a person. You can identify knives for a specific function with the personalization options.

What to consider choosing an engraved knife?

If it’s a brand reputation that is important for you, our wooden handles and stainless steel knife blades are made from high quality materials which also have precise engraving methods. If it’s the budget that is important for you, our engraved knives collection is affordable and if you’re lucky they are cheaper on discount days. Giftshire has a variety of engraving options for both knives and other collections.

What are the customization options for knives?

Engraving is our ultimate customization feature at Giftshire. Our materials are standard with wooden handles, stainless steel blades, sharpening stone and lots of different knife types considering functionalities and occasions.

What should I engrave on a knife?

Our customers generally prefer two or three line personalization. The first and top line is for the recipient’s name with a stylish font that you can choose from our fontbook. The second line could be a title-like or meaningful quote, having the same customization features in terms of font style. Near the second line or as a third line you can add a special date to remember. Additionally you can add an icon or symbol choosing from our icon library or you can share with us your custom logo that you want it to be engraved on a particular knife.

How often should I sharpen my knife?

It depends on conditions like how often you’re using your knife on what surfaces. 

Can knife engraving fade in time?

We’re using laser engraving technology which is intended to use for more permanent and precise results. The materials of the knife are also important for durability. If you keep maintaining proper and regular care on your knife, the engraving would last for years.