First Communion Gifts

First Communion Day has significant importance in a young person’s spiritual life. This day is a sacred day that symbolizes the connection of the faith in God and the beggining of the life with strong belief. First Communion day is also prepares someone to life’s struggles and helps a chil turn into an well-raised adult. That day holds strong place in our pasts and always reminds the fresh and innocent feelings in the community. Our Personalized First Communion Gifts collection will make this day unforgettable with your little Angels. Choose your suitable gifts from our collection.
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Canvas First Communion Day Frame

Canvas First Communion Day Frame

$22.49 – $24.25
First Communion Frame, Custom Mdf Frame

First Communion Frame, Custom Mdf Frame

$25.95 – $27.95

What is the meaning of first communion?

First Communion Day is one of the most sacred and most important occasions in a person's life. It is the first time that a person attents the communion that will be part of it during the life time. This day has a great importance to remember where this holy feelings started and also reminds the innocence of the past.

What is traditional for first communion?

The tradion of celebrating First Communion Day, is family gatherings parties and small celebration events. On this holy day communion members wears special clothes. These clothes symbolize innocence and purity. Families also buy for little angel small gifts such as Bibles, Cross Shaped Jewels or First Communion Bags. 

What are the traditional gifts for first communion?

The activity of gifting is changing everyday. However, traditional gifts are always the easiest keys to gift. Communion designed picture frames, Cross shaped necklaces, Cross shaped bracelets, Holy Bible covers and cash are types of traditional communion gifts.

What kind of gifts motivate children for their first communion?

While every has their own way to be motivated, First Communion books, Cross Shaped jewels, First communion design bags or gift card can be pretty good options.

Where to buy first communion gifts?

World is changing day by day. Everyday is getting faster than previous years. In today’s world time is money. Therefore, online shopping is much better. As Giftshire, we promise to meet your demands with our First Communion Gifts collection.

Will ı get any discount?

The answer is yes. We offer a 10% discount for your first order.