Personalized Sunflower Shape Canvas Sign

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Size: 8X8

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Bring the Art to your Wall with the Reflection of your Love

The Custom Sunflower Board is not only a sign or decor for your home, but also a little touch to your heart to remind you of the importance of your family. This beautiful board is created purely to remind you of your family values. Each leaf stands for a child or a member in the family, which in the end completes one big family.

What is Custom Sunflower Board?

Custom Sunflower Board is canvas decor designed as a sunflower for your home. Emotionally created, this board is here to reflect the feelings in your heart for your family. You can use Mother, Nana, Dada, Love or any title you wish and use other names around the leaves to complete your family.

When Can I Gift a Custom Sunflower Board?

Custom Sunflower Board is suitable for any occasion that related to love. Whether it’s a Valentines Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day or just a Housewarming gift for your relatives close friends or your familes. This elegant board is designed to remind you of the importance of love and bring art together as a commemorative sign in your home.

What is Sunflower Board Made of?

Our Custom Sunflower Board made of Canvas fabric that sunflower design can be seen clearly. Each item is checked by our professionals in order to present you best service.

What are sizes of Sunflower Board?

  • 8x8 Smal Size: This small size was creared for the small families. Number of the kids and title can be changed. It can be used as table decor ıf you like to carry it with you.
  • 12x12 Medium Size: Medium size is mostly suitable for walls but also can be used on the dresser or make up desk in order to remind you of your loved ones.
  • 16x16 Large Size: Large size mostly used on the wall or on the doors. We can also consider this size as welcoming sign.
  • 24x24 Extra-Large Size: Extra large size is for the boast of your love, appreciation and your commitment for your loved ones.  It is obvious that this size can be used like art painting on your hall.
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8X8, 12X12, 16X16, 24X24