First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt

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Father’s Day is a special occasion which is remembering us the world’s best self-devoted providers, lovely fathers. This day is also very special for you and your child because this is the first time you’ll celebrate the day with your child.
Here you can explore Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt concepts:

Dino Matching T-shirt

Let’s take a quick journey through time to the land of Dinosaurs. Suit your first father’s day t-shirt up. Create a game space that you can roar around and laugh around with your baby boy or baby girl. Matching Dinosaur Concept to Our First Father’s Day T-shirt for having good times with your child.

Dogs Matching T-shirt

One of our closest friends from the animal world is now on Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt. Custom Matching Dog T-shirts will provide a little understanding to your child about our four-legged friends. Dogs' Concept for Matching T-shirts is going to be the perfect first father’s day.

Milk and Beer Matching T-shirt

Drinks and T-shirts may be one of the best days of your life. Imagine A father as a beer lover and a child as a milk lover making a toast in honor of their First Father’s Day with Matching Milk and Beer T-shirts. A moment which is required to be immortalized, quick! take a couple of pictures. By the way, you can think of putting your photo in a 3D photo crystal, frame, your coffee mug, wallet as laser engraved and whatnot.

Lion Matching T-shirt

You have now a chance to keep the spirits of the Kings of the jungle in your home. Grab your father and son matching lion t-shirt and adult size. Outfit is the best equipment for role playing games. Suit Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirts up! Imitate that you’re in the jungle reigning through the Jungle.

Croak Matching T-shirt

Croak! on your first father’s day with your baby boy or baby girl. Make your child develop familiarity with animal sounds in a visual adaptation wearing Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt with frog Croak.

Giraffe Matching T-shirt

We wish you and your child a happy first father’s day hoping your happy moments are taller than your tears. Make a safari squad making your bond stronger with Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirts with giraffe concept.

Panda Matching T-shirt

Show how you roll around; Pling, pling, plong.
Power of Pandas with a father and his baby boy or baby girl, are getting prettier with every rolling. The louder you laugh, the longer you live and the funnier you roll with Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt.

Tiger Matching T-shirt

Get your human costume. Match yourself with your son or daughter by wearing Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirts. Tooth for tooth, eyes to eyes, paws to paws; customize your matching t-shirt for your first father’s day and then bring the joy into your house.

Bear Matching T-shirt

Only a papa bear can poke his cubs. Nobody can mess up with a papa bear and his baby bear. Grab your matching t-shirt to say hello joyful time. You can’t think of role play games without costumes and you can’t expect your child to self-develop love for animals. The reality of games is connected with visual and sounds related actions. Bring your joy into your game.

Whales Matching T-shirt

Daddy whale and baby whale on Our First Father’s Day Matching T-shirt will make your day uniquely perfect. Quick! Take a picture of you with matching t-shirts.

Easy To Personalize

Giftshire presents concepts of matching tees that allow you to discover and try to make a simple understanding of design ideas.

  • Choose your favorite father’s day matching tees
  • Specify which size you and your child is suitable
  • Detail the father and baby’s name

 Cleaning and Care Instructions

  • You can wash your matching t-shirts in a cold washing machine.
  • It’s recommended for our customers to hang it on rope or,
  • Dry it normal, low heat.
  • You can use iron with a low heat setting.
  • You shouldn’t use any type of bleach as it can be damaged and fabric can be deformed.
  • Do not use dry clean. If you use dry clean, your matching t-shirt can be damaged by solvents during the process of dry cleaning.

Everlasting Customization

Our sublimation heat press technique to reach the top result of high quality printing also helps the printing to be smooth on pressed surface and permanent.

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