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Timeless and sophisticated wooden gift collection, which is suitable for every occasion, has consisted of various different concepts from mother’s day and father’s day to birthdays and anniversaries. Personalized wooden signs come to the front with several size, color, font and design options which can be suitable for home decor, business brand signs and of course a cherished gift for your loved ones. Scroll down and explore our different kinds of custom wooden signs for wall or table top decor:
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What is an engraved wooden sign?

Engraved Wooden Sign is a gift decoration crafted from wood. Engraving is the progression of a laser technology which we use for carving text or design to offer our customers high quality gift giving experience adorned with permanent personalization.

What is a sublimation wooden sign?

Sublimation wooden sign is a process of printing which is called heat press technique.This heat and press technique transfers the text, design or any photo onto the material such as wood, ceramic, aluminum, steel, fabric.

  • First, a special paper is used for the printing,
  • Then this paper is placed on the surface of the material with perfectly aligned,
  • After that, pressing heat causes the ink to turn into a gas,
  • As the gas cools, it becomes an embedded part of the wooden sign.

What is the purpose of wooden signs?

As a concept, signs are serving a really huge range of purposes. Based on what you need, our wooden signs are serving for practical information and decoration. Here you can find examples:

  • Personalized wooden signs commonly used for gift giving experience for any special occasion especially weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and a housewarming gift.
  • Custom home decor which can be personalized with family names, special quotes or messages.
  • Creating a unique identity for a business brand may create a charming effect on customers. Create your own business brand with a personalized wooden sign using company name, logo and other business or branding elements.
  • Wayfinding Signs can be purchased for the purpose of indicating directions, pathfinding or marking a property that no one is going to miss.

What kind of woods are used for crafting signs?

Our finely crafted woods are well-known with the various characteristic features such as durability and aesthetic looks.

  • Maple is a hardwood which also has smooth surfaces so it means a well craftable surface for laser engraving or sublimation printing.
  • Mahogany is a hardwood too with a luxurious appearance of vibrant colors. It has a sophisticated status with its reddish brown hue and high polished surface.
  • Plywood is surprisingly more affordable crafting wood with its durability. It is suitable for every setting for both indoor and outdoor displays.

What are the differences between engraved and printed wooden signs?

  • Engraved Signs are personalized by the progressing laser carving or etching removing the material, while printed signs are directly transferring the ink or dye of design, text or photo on the surface of wood leaving the material as it is.
  • Engraved wooden signs have a three dimensional appearance but printed wooden signs have a flat appearance.
  • Engraved signs are considered to be far more durable because of the carving, while printed wooden signs are less durable than engraved signs unless a seal or protector layer is applied in regular intervals.
  • Laser engraved wooden signs can be customized with countless design ideas with charming patterns, custom logos or texts but heat press wooden signs have more options in color, graphic and designs.
  • While engraved wooden signs offer durability, stability and long lasting personalization with its three dimensional looking, printed wooden signs provide vibrant color and intertwined designs.

What are the benefits of using wood instead of other materials?

The natural appearance of a wood always attracts a warm interest. The patterns, textures and colors are combined with natural harmony. The reason why we’ve been using wooden material is that wood pieces can be easily shaped, engraved and painted. Considering that wooden based materials are naturally more durable to harsh weather and have resistance to decay, you can use your wooden sign in both indoor and outdoor. Natural woods are renewable resources so this pretty makes our wooden signs eco-friendly.

What is the best way to make a wooden sign last a lifetime?

The fundamental case for making a long lasting wooden sign is also to select high quality wood for durability against moisture, any potential damage which can be influenced by the environment, any water or manufacturing damage that can be come across during the manufacturing process.

What lies behind the handcrafted wooden signs?

There are more than one factor that lie behind each handcrafted wooden sign.Handcraft starts with an idea and this idea requires an artistic vision to reach a conclusion with personalized touch. While crafting a wooden sign, it should be considered with three main focal points which includes details, skills and patience. After that customization process starts according to the intended expression with unique style or personalization. For example, adding a family name, a meaningful quote, a lovely image…

The quality of natural wooden material and the creativity of basic human beings has been merged by the purpose of materializing handcrafted wooden signs.

What are the customization options for wooden signs?

There you can find almost hundreds of different custom design options in Giftshire’s wooden sign collections. Once you choose your favorite design for any chosen occasion, the rest is just like an entertaining activity through the customization page.

What innovative methods are turning woods into a wooden sign?

Laser cut and laser engraving technology show us that we can create accurate gift products without flaws. This technology also brings 3D printing with double layered wooden sign composition.

Sublimations printing technology or digital printing in other words, has been started to transfer the text, design or image directly onto wooden surfaces. In the end, high resolution graphics with vibrant color embrace wooden signs.

What is the installation process for wooden signs?

First thing is to align the wooden sign against the mounting surface ensuring that proper settings are included for mounting. Then it would be better to double check for alignment and stability of the wooden sign. Before your order reaches your hand, we clean up the surface and be sure that nothing is left behind, even a little debris

What are the top seller wooden signs for Mother’s Day?

Here you can find some top selling woodens signs for Mother’s day in the following items:

  • Family name signs are heartfelt mother’s day gifts which can be personalized by family name or initials with specific dates and a memorable quote.
  • Mom name signs, whether it’s created engraved or printed, may be a perfect choice for customizing with cherished design elements from charming laser patterns to vibrant floral color motifs.

Do you have any recommended message for a Mother’s Day wooden sign?

  • Home is where my mom is.
  • The best mom gets promoted to grandma.
  • Your love is forever engraved in my heart.
  • Thank you for unconditional love, Mom.

What kind of color options do you have for wooden signs?

Black, White, Walnut, Merlot, Mahogany, Java, Cherry.

Are those wooden signs suitable for outdoor use?

Our wooden signs are suitable for outdoor use. Our wooden materials have resistance for harsh weather conditions. The natural oils inside of materials also protect them and make them more durable. To enhance the resistance to moisture and possible weather factors, we apply sealant and additional protective layer wooden signs.

How do I mount my sign?

Your eyes will catch that there are two holes behind the wooden sign if you prefer to hang up on the wall, which you can do with hanging strings or sawtooth hangers. If you prefer a table top decor, you can also have a wooden stand for a place you want your wooden signs to be displayed.

How many different sizes do you have for wooden signs?

  • Our 3D Wooden Family Signs are presented with two size options which include 15X5,75 inches and 10,5X5 inches. 
  • Our Wooden Name Sign with Dad or Mom concepts are available with two size options that are 11X5 inches and 15X6 inches.
  • Our Mama Bear Name Signs come front with two different options; the large one is 18X7 inches, and the small one is 11X5 inches.

Can I see a proof before shipping?

If you’re giving a personalized or custom order, it would be better to check your customization details with final form before engraving or printing.

Keep in mind that requesting a proof can cost time but having a proof can help to ensure to see whether your order will meet the expectation you’ve awaited or not.

The customization page is almost giving the same result but if you don’t have rush, you may request a proof.

Do you offer custom design services?

Giftshire is a digital marketland embodied with qualified graphic designers, artists, account managers, quality control specialists and customer services in the best manner of serving customers’ satisfactions. You’re in the best place that you can get the best custom design services.

Do you offer personalized wooden signs for Father’s Day gifts?

Giftshire presents personalized wooden signs, having a lot of dad design concepts including with the customization details such as names, dates and quotes.

Do you have any recommended message for a Father’s Day wooden sign?

  • Anyone can be a father but very few one is so special to be a Dad.
  • The best father gets promoted to grandpa.
  • A son’s best hero, a daughter’s only love.

What heartfelt designs do you have favorable for Mother’s Day gifts?

  • You can choose among our ready to ship design quotes or customize them by replacing with your own quotes or messages. Whether you prefer engraved or printed, choose a meaningful quote saying about the love inside of you for your mother.
  • You can give a chance our symbolic wooden name signs which include iconic states to express your love such as infinity symbol, heart symbol, mama bear symbol, little shits symbol.
  • We have double layered 3D maple signs adorned with handwritten font style and symbolic imagery, if you want to double the importance of the day and show your mother how you care for her so much.

Do you provide gift wrapping or packaging services?

We’re providing gift wrapping services not only for wooden signs but also for all our collections.