Coffee Mugs

Welcome to the Gallery of Customizations with numerous gift concepts. Giftshire proudly presents top quality custom mugs with various unique design features. You have access to personalize everything on a custom mug with text, think about wrapping around your custom mug with a photo. Explore our custom collage mug designs with up to 5 photos and text customization. Enhance your company’s visibility; Prepare your own custom coffee mug with a logo. Brace yourself for the magical spread of your custom photo magic mug and discover our intently designed custom mug concept ideas. All you need is to choose a size and color for the mug you’d like to customize. You will find your way clicking and scrolling in our custom mug collections under the guidance of our meticulously prepared custom mug listings.
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Who are you getting this custom mug gift for?

It may be your valentine’s day, anniversaries, Easter Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s with your loved one. What special occasion it is, you can represent your favorite photo on a custom color mug to make a symbolic day with your loved one.
If you’re looking for it to be more special, you may want to customize a couple mug.

Which size is the best for a coffee mug?

Our ceramic custom mug sizes come in two different sizes including 11oz and 15oz.
If it’s somebody who likes to drink coffee, you should probably customize 15oz because coffee lovers always want more caffeine.
If you’re going to visit someone and think about a little present, you may prefer to customize a 11oz custom color mug for a house gift.
But you know what they say, sometimes, bigger is better.

Which color is suitable for a coffee mug?

Our ceramic color mugs are colorful and different from all others. You can pick your custom coffee mug up to 8 colors:
Custom Black Color Mug: Such an elegant piece of mug art.
Custom Green Color Mug: The color that reminds you of nature which is peaceful.
Custom Pink Color Mug: A symbol of empathy and being thoughtful.
Custom Red Color Mug: The power of emotional intensity.
Custom Royal Blue Color Mug: Grab your royalty cup.
Custom Sky Blue Color Mug: The color that embraces you between the ocean and sky.
Custom White Color Mug: The combination of all colors, the self of purity.
Custom Yellow Color Mug: People who are enthusiastic will love the vibrant color tone.

How to personalize a coffee custom mug?

There are two sizes for each coffee mug. You can call it Side1 and Side2 which we named S1 and S2
You can upload your own photo and personalize it however you want to. We have plenty of font options and font color. Giftshire shares its design collection gallery to you; You can make changes on designs that will suit to your liking.

What material are custom mugs made from?

Our custom color mugs are made from Ceramic which means that it has long-lasting materials, stainless, dirt-resistant.

How durable is the printing on a custom mug?

There is no turning back. Once you print your photo onto a mug, the only way to get rid of printing is to throw your custom mug away.

How to customize a photo mug gift for Mother’s Day?

Giftshire presents mama bear custom mug designs; A fun way to celebrate mother’s day.
Meet our birth flower custom mug designs; A lovely pretty garden atmosphere on your mug.
Happy 1st Mother’s day designs; Put your photo on one side and personalize the other side.
Choose your mamacorn mug; Select your unicorn style and pose, customize it with a name.
Mommy’s little shit; Choose up to 6 little shits and personalize them.

What is the best custom mug gift for Father’s Day?

Daddy’s little shits custom mug designs come front in that time of the year. Decide on what cup size you want, which color you prefer, select up to 6 little shits and personalize them all with names.

How many photos can be printed on a coffee mug?

There are two sides in a custom mug to print a photo but if you choose a collage mug to customize, you can print up to 5 photos on a custom color mug.

What can I do to customize a coffee mug with a face?

You should first upload the photo you like. We’re only using the face on the mugs. If you wish, you can cut your own photo and send it to us. If there is any personalization or quote that you’d like to put on, let us know.

Where to get a clipart coffee cup?

Giftshire, where the clipart custom mug designs set out, presents the fun way to customize a clipart custom mug: You can decorate your bff mug or couple mug choosing among 60 different hair styles and plenty of distinct jackets, denims, skirts, and drinks.

Why do people print pictures on coffee mugs?

People want to keep close to their loved ones because sometimes it’s like a stamina for never giving up.
Sometimes it feels good to see your loved one’s smile taking a sip from your coffee.
Sometimes you just want to show your girlfriend how much you care about her that you can’t stop thinking of her even while drinking your coffee.

What is the best coffee cup gift for a doctor?

Giftshire cares for our healthcare professionals.
Your friend or loved one is a doctor or healthcare worker so that’s why you’re here. Step into our colorful custom clipart doctor mug collection to find the best representation of your loved one’s hair with a doctor apron.

Custom Doctor Clipart Mug for him: These man doctor clipart mugs can be customized with asset selections; There are 6 different head/hair options with skin color and also at least 4 text quotations that you may want to add. You can always personalize it with your sentences but it’s good to keep in mind that we have text ready gift options.

Custom Doctor Clipart Mug for her: These women doctor clipart mugs can be personalized with asset selections; There are 2 different skin colors and 60 different hair options you can select. It will be placed on one side of the mug. The other side of the mug will be decorated with text quotes that you can make a choice among 4 meaningful texts.

How to customize a wizard mug?

First of all you need to decide the number of wizards on the mug which you allowed up to 2 wizards. Then make your choice for clipart hair style among 50 hair styles. After that, choose your gowns with four distinct scarf colors which includes black gown with emerald, ruby, sapphire or topaz clipart. Then make your final touch and personalize it with names. In the end, you’ll see a solo or couple of wizards with magic wands and gowns, watching the chateau at a distance.

How can I customize a photo collage mug?

Custom collage mugs are designed for wrap-around mugs. The design color will be the same with the mug color of your choice. You will be able to place up to 6 photos and personalization text boxes with 6 different font options. College mugs are mostly preferred gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Which is the best custom mug for a pet face?

Our ceramic color custom mugs are perfect for pet faces with the personalization you’ll write on the mug. According to your choice, you can fill around the cup with a tiny little face between each heart or you can just pick one face with two side photos including the personalization text.

What are the personalization options for the custom mug?

Choose a custom pet face mug design; you can put your personalization on the top and bottom part of the mug, between your photo.
Choose a standard custom photo mug; You can put your personalization and photo wherever you like to. You can double-check from the preview which means we also take it as a reference for the final touch for your custom mug.

Is it good to have a custom mug for the graduation gift?

The symbol of graduation is the graduation hat. If a gift looks beautiful on its own, every gift is good for her or him. Giftshire’s graduation mug has 8 different hat colors which includes black, turquoise, blue, purple, red, gold, maroon, green. Under the hat, you are able to specify your customization details such as your name and the school you’ve graduated from below your name. The other side of the mug contains 9 different meaningful quote texts. You can change the quote or rewrite as you wish.

How does a magic mug work?

The heat liquid transforms the color of your custom mug and while black color is faded out, the actual photo comes into your sight. The first interaction is always exciting because waiting for the gift’s self-impression is sensational.

Can the magic mug be washed in the dishwasher?

There is nothing to worry about our dishwasher safe products but it’s recommended to wash in hands for the maximum photo display efficiency.