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Cheers to The Good Old Days

Sometimes, when we are lucky enough, we meet a person who will always stand right next to us in every up and down in our lives. Robert and George got that lucky. These two fellas at college when they were only 18 years old. The bond they built was so unique from the beginning. They were like those inseparable duos we see in the movies. They accompanied each other when they had their first love and first heartbreaks. Their friendship was never damaged as the years passed by, and they maintained to protect that special bond they had. Even now, at the age of 60, they still celebrate life together. Robert, who has just retired, is trying to adapt to his new life stage by searching for new hobbies nowadays.

On the other hand, George is counting the days for his retirement, and he is very excited to jump on to this new phase of life. Due to the pandemic we are going through, these two pals don't get to see each other as often as they did. But they still make video calls and stay in touch with each other. Robert knew that George had worked really hard throughout his life, so he was just as excited as George since his pal would be a retired man very soon. And as they had the habit of giving presents to each other in every new accomplishment, Robert eventually decided to search for a gift that will suit his friend and make him remember the old days they had.

All of a sudden, he remembered the day when he and George were at a crowded house party during their 20s. That day, George had met the love of his life, his wife, Lisa. As they were doing whiskey shots, Lisa in her chic black dress came towards them, and Robert remembered the moment when George's jaw dropped, astonished by Lisa's beauty. As George and Lisa talked all night, they had already fallen for each other, and soon after, Lisa became the third member of their little group. Over the years, they decided that making whiskey shots had brought luck. Ever since, before every memorable event they had, these pals drank whiskey together. After getting lost through the memories, Robert got determined to search for a whiskey set for George. When he found the personalized whiskey decanter set on Gift Shire, at that second, he knew that this would make his friend remember the days of their youth, especially the day he met his wife. Yet, Robert thought this would not only be a gift for his retirement, but it would also be the most precise way of celebrating every single day they got lucky. 

The set, which comes with five pieces and offers nine different design options, was the perfect present he was looking for. He customized the whiskey decanter set, preferring to put George's initials on the decanter and the whiskey glasses. When the day arrived, George and Robert, by making an exception for this particular day, decided to meet up. As George entered Robert's living room, his personalized whiskey decanter set was waiting for him on the table with a big bottle of Chivas right next to it. The two pals poured the glasses and made a toast to their friendship and the wonderful life they spent together. Even though George was always thankful for his friend, he felt so special when he saw his personalized gift and realized he was so lucky to meet a person who always appreciates him. Let us keep in mind that looking for thoughtful, personalized gifts for the ones you love and care deeply is always a great idea that will strengthen and cherish the bond you have.

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